Grin Mining Cudo Miner

Grin Has New Mining Software

Grin, the privacy-centered and ccommunity-basedcoin of the MimbleWimble blockchain has often been cited as Bitcoin 2.0 and tapart of the new generation...
Plair Esports OceanEX

Plair (PLA), Esports Partner, Joins OceanEX Exchange

Plair (PLA), the blockchain-based game platform that is bringing the virtual gaming experience of eSports to a sustainable development ecosystem, will launch...
Lightning Network Iran Bitcoin

Bitcoin on the Move: Lightning Network’s Torch Reaches Iran Amid Controversy

The Lightning Network has lit a flame within the crypto community and now its fire has reached Iran with their Lightning Torch...
binance ceo changpeng zhao cz bio

Binance Founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ): From McDonalds to Crypto Billionaire

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), one of the most recognizable faces within the blockchain space. Founder of the cryptocurrency exchange giant, Binance, the Chinese...
grin founder ignotus peverall interview

Grin Founder Talks Post Launch, Bitcoin and Advice For Fellow Start-Ups

Grin, the coin that is on the Mimblewimble project and has privacy and decentralisation at its core, with its homage to Harry...
bitmain bitdeer cloud mining survive

Bitmain Still Has Issues But Shift to BitDeer Cloud Mining Could Help

These are troubling times for Bitmain. Their value has shrunk by almost 40% and the currency market has experienced a dip, which...
Will china ban bitcoin?

An Update From The Crypto Market Shows Neo Dominating Amidst ONT Collaboration

An Update From The Crypto Market Shows Neo Dominating Amidst ONT Collaboration The cryptocurrency market rose yesterday to a market cap of over $270 billion...