The Binary Holdings Invests in TwinMatrixTechnologies: Pioneering Spatial Computing and Digital Twin Solutions for Real World Assets


Dubai, UAE, 27 March 2024 — The Binary Holdings, a prominent Web3 Infrastructure provider for Telecommunications, BFSI, Gaming, and eWallet companies, proudly announces a strategic investment in TwinMatrix Technologies (TMT), a leading innovator in spatial computing, digital twin, and data interoperability platforms.

The Binary Holdings’ investment in TMT marks a significant stride forward in an industry projected to reach $92 billion within the next four years. With the potential to boost efficiency, reduce costs, fine-tune product offerings, and elevate customer experiences, businesses are poised to unlock substantial growth opportunities by embracing spatial and digital twin solutions.

With renowned clients such as Changi Airport Group, the National University of Singapore(NUS), and the Public Utilities Board of Singapore (PUB), TMT has made significant stridesacross various industries. For instance, Changi Airport, famed as the world’s best airport, partnered with TMT to implement their Centralised Enterprise Digital Twin Map and Content Management System, facilitating quicker navigation through the airport for millions of travellers monthly.

Similarly, NUS employs its Smart Building and Robotics Platform, making NUS’ SDE4 building Southeast Asia’s first net-zero building. In collaboration with PUB, TMT’s technology platform integrated 15+ facial recognition cameras, biometrics for staff, and over 700 CCTV cameras, resulting in a spatial twin experience with AI-assisted computer vision and 4D forensics capabilities. This ensures unparalleled safety and security measures for the facility and its staff.

The integration of spatial computing and digital twin solutions in the telecommunications sector has allowed for operational effectiveness improvements ranging from 10 to 15%, while significantly reducing operational costs. By digitally replicating intricate infrastructure of cell towers, legacy networks, and other vital assets, while ensuring uninterrupted service, telecommunication companies stand to gain from unparalleled data interoperability, analysis, modelling, and outcome prediction capabilities. This is groundbreaking in an industry where minor inaccuracies or service disruptions can have severe repercussions on revenue and customer satisfaction.

The investment in TwinMatrix Technologies enables The Binary Holdings to implement digital twin solutions for their telecom clients while unlocking advanced user activation and engagement solutions for these partners. Through their recent integration of Animoca Brand’s Lost Club Toys, The Binary Holdings is uniquely positioned to merge this diverse brand with the augmented reality and spatial computing capabilities of TMT, accelerating The Binary Holdings’ Move2Earn and Gamified AR offerings for telcos, delivering enhanced and novel user experiences.

“The offerings from the partnership with TMT position The Binary Holdings as a versatile enabler for our telecommunications partners and cements our position as a trusted ally within the telecommunications industry. This is especially important in emerging markets where user engagement and operational efficiency are crucial amidst intensifying competition”, said Manit Parikh, Founder and CEO of The Binary Holdings.

“Partnering with The Binary Holdings marks a pivotal chapter in our journey to revolutionise the digital infrastructure of not just the telecommunications sector, but every corporation or government entity with a physical footprint. This investment is more than strategic; it’s a commitment to harness the full potential of spatial computing and digital twin technologies and is a testament to our vision of leading the charge in innovation by bridging the physical and digital worlds,” said Eric Liu, Founder and CEO of TwinMatrix Technologies.


About The Binary Holdings

Headquartered in DIFC, UAE, The Binary Holdings (TBH) is a web3 infrastructure provider, specialising in serving the telecommunication, BFSI, gaming, and eWallet sectors in emerging economies. With an ambitious goal to onboard the next billion users to Web3, TBH offers indispensable scalable, cost-effective, and efficient infrastructure services crucial for driving the adoption and progress of Web3 technologies within the industries they serve.

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About TwinMatrix Technologies

TwinMatrix Technologies (TMT) is a dynamic, high-tech company specialising in spatial digital twins and location-based digitalization. Our intuitive interfaces and robust backend systems integrate seamlessly with any existing IoT data sources, streamlining operations and enabling data-informed decision-making for future business, spatial advertising and more. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we deliver functional and aesthetically pleasing products that meet the evolving technological and digitalization needs of businesses worldwide.

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