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WINk to CrowdFund from Binance, Will Prices Dump After Listing?

The initial exchange offering (IEO) craze continues as more crypto projects seek funding and WINk is the latest token to be listed for sale...
binance chooses neos bizantine

Binance Chooses NEO’s Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance for Its New Product

Binance cryptocurrency exchange will soon introduce the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) to their new Binance Chain product project. The announcement was made at...

Substratum Breaking Through the Great Firewall of China Conventional VPN works from your host computer in China to a particulate IP address, a server outside of China. China’s great firewall will eventually...
Why Bitcoin Mining is UNPROFITABLE

Why Bitcoin Mining is UNPROFITABLE

The Bitcoin mining market began with high expectations that attracted many investors and other interested parties. This article will cover the cost of mining...
iran chinese miners move

Cheap Electricity From Iran is a Solution Chinese Bitcoin Mining Investors

Crypto winter is painful for cryptocurrency mining investors. With the rapid downfall of Bitcoin and increasing electricity bills, Chinese mining investors are looking for...
Will china ban bitcoin?

An Update From The Crypto Market Shows Neo Dominating Amidst ONT Collaboration

An Update From The Crypto Market Shows Neo Dominating Amidst ONT Collaboration The cryptocurrency market rose yesterday to a market cap of over $270 billion...
Crypto mining Viruses steal your power

Chinese Mining Industry Now: Low Profits, High Risks

In September this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website's analysis pointed out that illegal crypto mining seriously threatens Internet network security. Wang...
Bitcoin millionaire

Bitcoin Millionaire From China | Cryptocurrency Dips Blips and Predictions Crazy crypto rich Asian. Bitcoin millionaire from China talks about his strategy And how he deals with Cryptocurrency market dips also how do...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Fcoin China Scam or semi scam?
Bitcoin ETF .. do we really need it?

Bitcoin ETF .. do we really need it?

The SEC decided to postpone a decision on the Bitcoin ETF for 45 days. The crypto community did not take this news well, with...