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custo defi solution

Custo DeFi Combines DeFi with the Security and Simplicity of a Bank Account

Cryptocurrency exchange Centralex has launched the first solution to combine the security of trading on mainstream crypto exchanges with the range of assets and...

Creaticles Raises $3.8M Via MISO on SushiSwap

Creaticles was able to hit its original hard cap, raising 3.8 million USDT through its IDO launched on SushiSwap via a Minimal Initial SushiSwap...

Soundr: Next-Gen Music Label That Signs Digital Acts For Virtual ‘Metaverse’ Future

Music start-up Soundr launches the first label to only sign interactive virtual acts that will exist exclusively as avatars in the metaverse. The first act...

OneLedger Announces “Gem Hunt” Mining and Validator Competition

Blockchain technology service provider, OneLedger, is launching its first incentivized Gem Hunt mining competition for token holders, blockchain developers, and validators, with the aim...

Enjin Pumps After Announced Integration with Aave and Bancor

Enjin Coin (ENJ) has seen an increase of 23.8% following an update that enables the cryptocurrency to be added in Aave's DeFi protocol. After the...
chainup ceo

ChainUP Founder Talks Exchange Compliance and Partnerships in Exclusive Interview

All-in-one blockchain solutions provider ChainUP has launched an exchange compliance solution together with partners Bplus and BitSG, according to CEO Zhong Gengfa. ChainUP ChainUP has a...

The key towards the future growth and security of cryptocurrency transactions

For the first time, the term “cryptocurrency” was applied to Bitcoin, which appeared in 2009. We have entered its second decade of existence and...
silhouette of a unicorn against twilight sky

UTI Coin to be Listed on MXC Exchange

The UTI public chain, called Unicorn Solutions Chain, is a blockchain-based incubation platform that aims to create a global ecosystem for consumer goods and...

TranSwap Launches Global Borderless Virtual Accounts

TranSwap Launches Global Borderless Virtual Accounts