Key Insights:

  • Strategic Alliance: The Binary Holdings (TBH) joins forces with NES.TECH, marking a
    significant leap in blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and digital infrastructure
  • Boosting Innovation: This collaboration promises to fast-track development and
    enrich features within their networks, setting new benchmarks in the tech industry.
  • Global Reach: TBH and NES.TECH explore new synergies and products to redefine
    the digital landscape, extending their reach to a vast global audience.

Bangkok, Thailand, February 13, 2024 – In a strategic move heralding a new era in
Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and cybersecurity, The Binary Holdings recently
unveiled its partnership with NES.TECH. This alliance represents more than a mere merger
of two tech powerhouses; it symbolises a convergence of visions dedicated to spearheading
new solutions in blockchain technology and hyper-secure digital infrastructure. This
endeavour holds the potential to reshape the dynamics of business and consumer
interactions in the digital and decentralised landscape.

With a history of propelling innovation in the digital and financial sectors, TBH’s recent
integration of its leading blockchain-based fan engagement platform, Fando, with telecom
giant Indosat
highlights its commitment to enhancing digital engagement. Similarly,
NES.TECH, renowned for its partnerships with Casper, Octagon, and other prominent
names in the Web3 realm, brings to the table unparalleled expertise in AI-driven security
and DLT solutions. Alongside 600+ EVM-compatible chain integrations, and one of the
world’s largest ready to deploy smart contract and function libraries, NEST.TECH boasts
leading Time to Finality (TTF) processes of 35 milliseconds, outpacing Ethereum’s speed by
25,000 times.

Central to this partnership is a unified vision to pioneer technological advancement and
redefine industry standards altogether. By joining forces, TBH and NES.TECH aim to
leverage their combined expertise to deliver unparalleled value to their current 100m
global audience, driving meaningful impact in the engagement economy.

Manit Parikh, CEO of The Binary Holdings said, “We are thrilled to welcome NES.TECH to
the TBH family. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to
push the boundaries of technological innovation and create transformative solutions in
Web3 and beyond.”

The union of TBH and NES.TECH is a strategic response to the growing demand for secure,
scalable, and efficient digital solutions. By merging NES.TECH’s expertise in distributed
ledger protocols, infrastructure, security, Real World Assets (RWA), RWA fractionalization,
and regulatory compliance with TBH’s comprehensive ecosystem of products and extensive
user base, the partnership is positioned to elevate the operational efficiency and overall
capabilities of both entities. This collaboration is all set to deliver AI-powered and hyper
secured solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of a global clientele.

Charles Anderson, CEO of NES.TECH added that “Joining forces with TBH opens up
exciting possibilities for us to further advance our research and deliver impactful solutions
to a wider audience. We are excited about the opportunities ahead and look forward to
collaborating closely with the TBH team.”

This partnership not only enhances TBH’s position as a frontrunner in the DLT space but
also expands NES.TECH’s patented capabilities in real world digital asset tokenization and
fractionalization. This introduces new avenues for grassroots financial inclusion and
democratisation, an increasingly important focus for both entities. Together, the joint
capabilities paves way for an improved experience in staking, pledging of fractionalized
assets as well as decentralised lending and borrowing opportunities, marking a significant
stride in TBH’s efforts to broaden financial empowerment for their 40m users across the
South East Asian, MENA and LATAM regions.

A Move Towards Vertical Integration

TBH’s transition to a vertically integrated model is geared towards establishing robust
competitive advantages within its ecosystem, bolstering its position in SocialFi, DeFi, RWA
fractionalization and various other sectors. This strategic shift not only solidifies TBH’s
leadership in the consumer space but also fortifies its presence in infrastructure, laying a
robust groundwork for sustained growth. The transition is poised to streamline operations,
elevate customer experience, and introduce innovative utilities for its native token, TBHC,
thereby enhancing the ecosystem for all stakeholders and shareholders alike.


About The Binary Holdings

The Binary Holdings operates in the digital social, tech, products, and financial service
sectors in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and LATAM regions. Its portfolio includes
the Fando digital social platform, digital tech & products focusing on venture studios and
M&A, and Millenia digital financial services offering mobile wallets, payment processing, and
other financial solutions. Headquartered in DIFC, UAE, the company emphasises innovation
and opportunity across its diverse business ecosystem.
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NES.TECH is a pioneer in AI-driven solutions and hyper-secured infrastructure, setting
global standards for authentic, distributed ownership control. With a dedicated team and a
commitment to innovation, NES.TECH designs, develops, and delivers custom software and
infrastructure solutions, bridging the real-world to digital divide with seamless, full life-cycle
ecosystems. With a more than 40 person team, NES.TECH is headquartered in Singapore
with both India and London locations. For more information, visit