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ChainLink is Trending With Minor Pullback From All-time High

Chainlink's native asset LINK has pumped by 81.9%, peaking at a new all-time high at $8.44 yesterday. And it seems that this...

DeFi Balancer Made A Grave Mistake, Now They Are Paying Users

DeFi has proven that decentralization comes at a price, at least in its early stages. This time, the Balancer Protocol becomes the...
DeFi Has Become The Best-performing Asset Class in 2020

DeFi Has Become The Best Performing Asset Class in 2020

Compound, the now-leading DeFi project, has recently hit a new milestone as its CEO just announced that the lending platform's supply has...

Ethereum 2.0 Testnet is Now Ready, Launching on June 29

Two major testnets are conducted in June 2020. One is Altona, the most recent Ethereum 2.0 iteration to be launched on testnet...

Is Compound the Future of DeFi or An Experiment About to Fail?

Compound has become the number one DeFi platform in terms of assets locked up. Not to mention its new governance token COMP...

WaykiChain Confirmed WGRT IEO Launch on OKEx

WaykiChain has announced that its governance coin, WGRT, will launch its IEO on crypto exchange OKEx on June 17th.
Enjin Advances Gaming with New Minecraft Plugin and Java SDK

Enjin Advances Gaming with New Minecraft Plugin and Java SDK

Enjin has achieved another feat, with the release of a new Minecraft plugin called EnjinCraft, as well as the Enjin SDK for...
Hoskinson says Cardano will Reinvent Society, not Bitcoin

Hoskinson says Cardano will Reinvent Society, not Bitcoin

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson says that both Bitcoin and Ethereum have no consensus as projects, and therefore, their leaders have allegedly abandoned...
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Enjin Platform Releases Enjin SDK for Godot Game Engine

The Enjin team has created their own Enjin SDK for Godot, which will equip all Godot developers across the world to create...

CasperLabs Integrates with Chainlink Oracle Network

Smart contract platform CasperLabs has announced its integration with the Chainlink network's decentralized oracle service in order to access external data and...