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Analysis and opinion on various Asian cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. We help you stay ahead of market trends so that you can buy and sell crypto successfully.

blockchain in china

China’s Bitcoin Legislation Problem

Chinese courts are finding it increasingly difficult to legislate on Bitcoin, with various judiciaries across the nation bringing different verdicts on whether...

The Coronavirus will boost CBDC / DCEP adoption

Since China’s launch of its digital currency electronic payment (DCEP), the worldwide interest in central bank digital currencies (CBDC) has increased. From...
stellar lumens xlm

Stellar XLM, One Month Trend: Technical Analysis and Projections

CEO of Morgan Creek Digital Mark Yusko during an interview with the YouTube series Thinking Crypto on April 10 said the company...
xrp price analysis

Ripple XRP, One Month Trend: Technical Analysis and Projections

INTRODUCTION MoneyGram, a major cross-border remittance company, recently reports a quite quarter following its partnership with Ripple XRP.
Swag guide

Swag.live: Ultimate guide to using crypto on Asia’s Hottest Adult Streaming site

Swag.live is the number one adult private platform in Asia and possibly for crypto users. With a history of providing its members...

Chainlink (Link): Price Analysis and Projections

Chainlink has made a big impact since its launch, and one element of their company is their Oracles and their native token,...

Cardano ADA: Price Analysis and Projections

Cardano and its ADA token are fast becoming one of the breakout stars in the industry. Led by Charles Hoskinson, the blockchain...
enjin coin logo

Enjin (ENJ): Price Analysis and Projections

Enjin has long been an industry leader in mobile wallets, but what some may not know is the company’s commitment to all...

What is the Competition for China’s CBDC?

Some of the biggest news in cryptocurrency in 2020 is coming from China’s Central Bank. Despite the country’s past skepticism regarding cryptocurrency expansion, the bank is now one the verge of releasing its own version of digital money

Weekly Roundup (13-19 April)

China’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) has App Interface Revealed A screenshot of the app (Source:ABC Bank)