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Mia Tam


Mia Tam is a part-time writer and model, and full-time crypto Trader. Having been born in China and educated in Canada and Europe gives her insight into both markets. She also creates YouTube videos to help newcomers into crypto. You can find Mia on YouTube and Twitter.

Justin Bercik


Justin Bercik is currently a contributing writer for multiple crypto news sites. He got his big break when he mined his first bitcoin back in 2012. He enjoys learning about new technology and travels throughout Asia in his spare time. Justin immediately fell in love with the culture and people of China. He is currently based out of Shenzhen and is fluent in Mandarin.

Jason Lee


Jason Lee is a writer for various crypto publications and manages a small team on Medium. His love of technology and inquisitive nature set him up with crypto back in early 2016 and he hasn’t looked back since. In his spare time, Jason enjoys rock climbing and wakeboarding.