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Weekly Roundup

Weekly roundup on the latest and most influential cryptocurrency and blockchain news coming out of Asia.

Weekly Roundup (June 22-28)

Digital Payments Giant Paypal is Set to Offer Direct Selling of Cryptocurrencies According to...

Weekly Roundup (June 8-14)

Best Stories of the Week Bitcoin price drops dramatically again Bitcoin’s...

Weekly Roundup (1-7 June)

Best Stories of the Week Bitmain drama as Micree Zhan Brings Security Guards to takeover office

Weekly Roundup (25-31 May)

Best Stories of the Week China Two Sessions Concludes: Blockchain/cryptocurrency regulations prove popular 

Weekly Roundup (18-24 May)

Best Stories of the Week Bitcoin's Price Slips as Satoshi potentially moves coins? Bitcoin...

Weekly Roundup (11-17 May)

Best Stories of the Week Bitcoin halving doesn’t prompt a huge price jump

Weekly Roundup (4-10 May 2020)

Bitcoin rises but takes dramatic fall before Halving Sell Bitcoin What a week it...

Weekly Roundup (27 April – 3 May)

Bitcoin Rises to $9000 range as Halving approaches The much-anticipated Bitcoin halving is already...

Weekly Roundup (20-26 April)

DCEP lists McDonald's, Starbucks, and Subway as Test Outlets The People's Bank of China...

Weekly Roundup (6-12 April)

Bitcoin Price in a precarious position Bitcoin failed to keep to its expected resistance levels this past week falling...