zignaly ascendex

Zignaly Partners With AscendEx to Integrate Copy Trading Services Into The Exchange

Versatile crypto trading bot platform Zignaly has announced its partnership with digital currency exchange AscendEx, which would allow for its copy trading services to...

ZIG Token Now Listed on AscendEX with Pre-Staking Program

Zignaly, a cryptocurrency automated investment and trading platform, has now been listed in AscendEX (formerly known as BitMax), a global cryptocurrency exchange platform as...

AkoinNFT Launching First Artist Series with WrappedLA NFT Debut

AkoinNFT, the artist-driven NFT venture announced last month by global artist and philanthropist Akon, is launching the first of many curated art series with...
Eric Chou (周興哲) x Wing Shya (夏永康) nft

Asia’s First NFT Music Video Art Collaboration

Eric Chou (周興哲) x Wing Shya (夏永康) Makes History with Debut NFT Collection. Eric Chou says, “NFT brings music to a greater and safer space...

DJ and Producer VINAI Announced Their First NFT Release

World-renowned DJ and music producer VINAI will release their first NFT centering around one of their unreleased music with visual art. The debut NFT...