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Nick Szabo

Nick Szabo: Trust Minimization is Bitcoin’s Main Market Value

Nick Szabo, an accomplished coder, legal scholar, and a person claimed to be the genius behind Bitcoin in private circles, is protesting....

What happened with Bakkt?

Bakkt, a Bitcoin futures contracts platform, went live on September 22. The platform seeks to alleviate fears exhibited by institutional and retail...
hong kong protests

Hong Kong Protests and Bitcoin: Is it Important?

The Hong Kong protests have prompted wide scaling reporting across the globe, yet an unlikely link is being made between the unrest...

Samsung Follows Huawei, Adds Bitcoin Functionality to Keystore

South Korean tech powerhouse, Samsung, has released the company’s new blockchain KeystoreSDK for developers and it will support Bitcoin (BTC). 
Commentator Micheal J Casey has said that Trump’s China currency barb will create a “moment to shine” for Bitcoin in the International economic arena.

Trump V China Currency War may be a Crucial Moment for Bitcoin

Commentator Micheal J Casey has said that Trump’s China currency barb will create a “moment to shine” for Bitcoin in the International...
Huawei Bitcoin

Huawei is Exactly Why Bitcoin Will Scale On-Chain

The US ban on Huawei and its 5G technology implementation is a reason why Bitcoin will scale on-chain. Bitcoin obviously faces the...
China crypto miners

Another 120 Years to Mine the Last 15 percent of Bitcoin (BTC) Remains

The Bitcoin Obituaries page says that the cryptocurrency has been declared dead 371 times since its invention. Despite the bearish predictions, as...
Bitcoin Cash

After Schnorr Signatures, CashShuffle Now Available For Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash developers have added CashShuffle to make the platform more secure and private. This development has allowed Bitcoin Cash users. 
Samson Mow Bitcoin

Samson Mow: Bitcoin (BTC) As a Store of Value Won’t Be Mainstream

Bitcoin is unlikely to go main-stream as a store value, much like Gold. This is a contention individuals like Samson Mow are...

Is CZ hiding his criminal side behind the popularity of Binance?

Since the cryptocurrency space is considerably young, there is a shortage of experts and role models to look up to....