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Bitcoin moves up six spots since

China’s CCID: Bitcoin Ranking rises six spots during 2019

China has released its 12th evaluation of roughly 35 blockchain projects.
Will china ban bitcoin?

Power Theft Leads To Arrest Of Secret Crypto Miner In China

A man in China has been arrested by the government. He was arrested for supposedly embezzling a large amount of power in order to...
Will china ban bitcoin?

PBOC Strikes Again, Alipay has Closed 3000 Accounts Related to Crypto Trading

Since our previous report on RMB trading volumes in bitcoin, more news has come out of China regarding additional measures to deal with illegal...
Kim Jong Un

Will Kim Jong-Un’s $2 Billion BTC Be Dumped if He Dies?

With rumours of Kim Jong-Un's apparent death, one CoinDesk reporter decided to add his own story to the mix and claimed the North Korean...
mastering bitcoin on chinese tv

“Mastering Bitcoin” Book Appeared on Chinese TV

Andreas Antonopoulos has written the classic "Mastering Bitcoin" - a must read for everyone starting the cryptocurrency journey. Recently, the author was surprised to...
China crypto miners

Another 120 Years to Mine the Last 15 percent of Bitcoin (BTC) Remains

The Bitcoin Obituaries page says that the cryptocurrency has been declared dead 371 times since its invention. Despite the bearish predictions, as of August...
Travala.com and Bitcoin.com Announce Partnership

Travala.com and Bitcoin.com Announce Partnership

Travala.com has inked a partnership with Bitcoin.com and be integrated into their online wallet opening themselves to a 4 million-strong market, it has been...
Bitcoin Cash

After Schnorr Signatures, CashShuffle Now Available For Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash developers have added CashShuffle to make the platform more secure and private. This development has allowed Bitcoin Cash users.  CashShuffle is essentially a...

Was It Bitcoin? 1988 the Ecomist Predicted the World Coin

In 1988, the Economist published a prediction about the victory of the "world currency" over the national fiat, but we did not meet the...
Ethereum Delphi Digital Bitcoin

Ethereum (ETH) May Overtake Bitcoin (BTC), Says Report

A report released this week has suggested that Ethereum (ETH) could overtake Bitcoin (BTC) if a bull run come to fruition. Delphi Digital, a...