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Novogratz to Roubini: When BTC gets above $6K you wear a shirt written “I...

Nouriel Roubini, an economist, also known as Dr. Doom, is not prepared to stop bashing cryptos
Will china ban bitcoin?

Report: Financial Services Agency (FSA) Reconsiders Its Crypto Exchange Regulation

Report: Financial Services Agency (FSA) Reconsiders Its Crypto Exchange Regulation A recently released report indicated that Financial Services Agency, Japan’s financial regulator, has begun taking...
bitcoin miners face virus attack hant

Chinese Bitcoin (BTC) Miners Facing Large Virus Attack

Miners in China have begun to cross their fingers and look over there shoulders as continued reports of dangerous viruses that look...
Bitcoin Change for Industry

Fall of Bitcoin Sees Big Change for Industry

The Blockchain/Crypto industry has taken a real hit with this current bear market. From the high point of 2017, when Bitcoin was...
another coin with

Bitfinex welcomes another coin with a 1:1 peg to Bitcoin

A Bitcoin sidechain, Liquid, developed by Blockstream has launched its coin on Bitfinex.
hong kong protests

Hong Kong Protests and Bitcoin: Is it Important?

The Hong Kong protests have prompted wide scaling reporting across the globe, yet an unlikely link is being made between the unrest...

Lightning Network to launch Watchtowers to Prevent fraud

Lightning Labs, the company behind the Lightning Network, will add ‘Watchtowers” as a feature to prevent fraud in their upgrade.
Will china ban bitcoin?

Aftermath of the Crackdown: Chinese Currency Bitcoin Trading Falls Below 1% of Global Totals

The newest reports out of China show bad news.  Bitcoin trading in Chinese currency, renminbi (RMB), has dropped to less than 1% of global...

Historical Rate of Return Shows that Bitcoin (BTC) Could Hit $75,000 in Three Years

Josh Rager, a crypto trader, investor, and part of the advisory team at two crypto/blockchain-focused startups, has an exciting outlook into the Bitcoin market.
Samson Mow Bitcoin

Samson Mow: Bitcoin (BTC) As a Store of Value Won’t Be Mainstream

Bitcoin is unlikely to go main-stream as a store value, much like Gold. This is a contention individuals like Samson Mow are...