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Ripple Co-Founder Might Be Suppressing XRP Price

Ripple Co-Founder Might Be Suppressing XRP Price

Ripple Labs co-founder and ex-executive Jed McCaleb has been dumping his XRP fortune throughout April, which could have suppressed the digital currency's...

Tezos (XTZ) to Use Chainlink (LINK) Oracle Service to Run its Smart Contracts

Two of the leading developer teams of Texos (XTZ), Cryptonomic and SmartPy, are integrating Chainlink (LINK) oracles to the Tezos ecosystem.

Treelion (TRN) Creates Sustainable Green Business Engine on Blockchain

The TREELION app will launch on April 15, following a long period of testing and development by the team. It will help deliver a brand new business model for green economic development, with users able to use it to participate in sustainable activities and help to combat global desertification, earning TREELION credits -- in the process.
XRP community Ripple

XRP: Will Community Takeover due to Executives Dumps?

Trouble is brewing hours after Ripple transferred another large batch of XRP from its escrow wallet. The fintech startup released 500 million...
XRP hype

XRP Has Strongest Hype Army, Leaves BTC And ETH in The Dust

XRP is showing significantly higher Hype-to-Activity ratios than other large cryptocurrencies in the market. The Hype-to-activity ratio is a measure of the...
Litecoin drop

Litecoin Price Analysis- Why The Drop?

Litecoin has seen a big drop in price, but what has caused this negative fall? It all started after Litecoin (LTC) underwent...
Grin and Beam

Grin and Beam Price Analysis: Ignotus Peverell Returns; Beam Hard Fork’s as Bulls Flow...

Latest Grin (GRIN) News The Grin community is ecstatic following the reappearance of Ignotus Peverell, the project’s founder. Making...
Altcoins dApps

Altcoin prices and Gambling dApps use on the Decline

Gambling decentralized applications are showing signs of losing their star power within the dApp landscape. This is because investors are increasingly looking...

Social Media Tipping Platform Reddcoin Joins BXB Exchange

Retail-focused crypto exchange BXB will list tipping and microtransaction cryptocurrency Reddcoin on its platform on August 10, a coin that allows a...

ThunderCore under Pressure as Chief Scientist Leaves amid Price problems

After a two-year contract, ThunderCore’s chief scientist, Elaine Shi, has not signed a renewal of her term. Consequently, the project’s WeChat group...