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Ripple Solutions

Ripple Solutions are Total Despite XRP Price Fluctuations

Ripple and SWIFT have long been competitors in the cross border transaction field. It seems that many have begun commenting on the rivalry, with...
Binance Justin Sun

Tron’s Justin Sun Congratulates Binance Token on Success, as DEX and Platform Launches Today

Binance has seen lots of praise from all members for its fantastic 2019 so far. One such voice that has added themselves to the...
EOS Torch

EOS Torch Begins Journey

This week EOS launched their Torch, which sees EOS holders transfer it to different users in a sign of solidarity and to promote the...
Tron Justin Sun Vitalik Ethereum

Ethereum v TRON Continues as Founders Trade Words

The feud between Tron and Ethereum has hotted up as both company's founders traded barbs over social media and in interviews. Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin...
Will china ban bitcoin?

China CCID Releases Second Monthly Index Rankings

China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) released its second Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index on Wednesday. It will be noted that the...
tron justin sun btt airdrop

Tron CEO, Justin Sun, Plans Big Valentines Party and Announcement

Valentine's day, the time for love, roses and for Justin Sun campaign releases and celebrity-laden parties. The CEO of Tron is reportedly planning to...

DeFi Balancer Made A Grave Mistake, Now They Are Paying Users

DeFi has proven that decentralization comes at a price, at least in its early stages. This time, the Balancer Protocol becomes the new victim...
Loom binance

Binance Coin (BNB) Partners With Gaming Network Loom

Binance has also looked to make moves into the gaming world, miroring countless other companies that have made the jump, after their announced partnership...

CasperLabs Integrates with Chainlink Oracle Network

Smart contract platform CasperLabs has announced its integration with the Chainlink network's decentralized oracle service in order to access external data and resources for...
Samsung Unity Enjin

Samsung-Unity-Enjin: The Trinity For Future Crypto Adoption

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is without a doubt the biggest event for the crypto world so far this year. The enormity...