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Tezos (XTZ) to Use Chainlink (LINK) Oracle Service to Run its Smart Contracts

Two of the leading developer teams of Texos (XTZ), Cryptonomic and SmartPy, are integrating Chainlink (LINK) oracles to the Tezos ecosystem.

Treelion (TRN) Creates Sustainable Green Business Engine on Blockchain

The TREELION app will launch on April 15, following a long period of testing and development by the team. It will help deliver a brand new business model for green economic development, with users able to use it to participate in sustainable activities and help to combat global desertification, earning TREELION credits -- in the process.

Beam CEO: “We Can Be a Top Five Crypto Currency”

Beam, the privacy based token on the MimbleWimble project has, alongside its fellow MW technology based coin, Grin have been one of...
bittorrent tron

Tron’s New BitTorrent Token (BTT) Makes Great Start

TRON's BitTorrent Token (BTT) has continued its rise in the cryptospace following its launch in the Binance launchpad, rising 50% against Binance...
ripple western union partnership

Western Union and Ripple (XRP) Begin Partnership?

In a surprise announcement, it has been revealed that financial giants, Western Union, are planning a partnership with Ripple as per Western...

Ethereum 2.0 Testnet is Now Ready, Launching on June 29

Two major testnets are conducted in June 2020. One is Altona, the most recent Ethereum 2.0 iteration to be launched on testnet...
EOS Torch

EOS Torch Begins Journey

This week EOS launched their Torch, which sees EOS holders transfer it to different users in a sign of solidarity and to...
Poloniex Grin MimbleWimble

Poloniex Exchange Lists Grin On Website With Withdrawals

Grin, the community driven and privacy based token on the Mimblewimble project has gone live on the Poloniex exchange with withdrawals included....
tron justin sun btt airdrop

Tron CEO, Justin Sun, Plans Big Valentines Party and Announcement

Valentine's day, the time for love, roses and for Justin Sun campaign releases and celebrity-laden parties. The CEO of Tron is reportedly...
huobi ceo fires back

Huobi CEO Fires Back at Doubters and Gives Gifts for Chinese New Year

Rumors have been swirling around Huobi’s apparent problems. From their apparent financial issues, relocation and large scale layoffs. However, as Asia Crypto...