SingularityDAO, an organization using a unique combination of AI and best-in-class hedge fund traders to create tools for everyday investors in crypto, has just announced market-beating performance results of its crypto trading solution, ‘DynaSets’, during its beta period, beating returns on Bitcoin and Ethereum by 32% and 45%, respectively. This means that in 76 days SingularityDAO turned 10 Ethereum into 22 Ethereum, and one Bitcoin into 1.6 Bitcoin.

DynaSets are baskets of cryptocurrency tokens dynamically managed by professional hedge fund traders and AI developed by the SingularityDAO team. The AI powering DynaSets monitors and analyses market sentiment, economic events, politics and other influencing factors to identify the optimal moment to execute trades. DynaSets can quickly react to potential crashes, ensuring high levels of protection for investors’ funds. 

Marcello Mari, CEO of SingularityDAO said: 

“The crypto market has been experiencing unprecedented levels of volatility recently. The TerraLUNA crash, Coinbase hiring freeze and Celsius filing for bankruptcy have all taken a heavy toll on the market and left many in the space fearing that crypto winter is here. Throughout these events, DynaSets has been a salvation for investors, protecting their funds from the volatility.” 

With the beta period now concluded, DynaSets will be officially launching later this month. The launch will see a new DynaSet join dynBTC and dynETH, dYdX – a derivatives-based DynaSet with the ability to both short the market and apply leverage to trades.

Mari added: 

“While there are a number of crypto hedge funds promising strong returns for investors, most require high ticket entry and are difficult to access. SingularityDAO created DynaSets to democratize access to professional investing tools and the open beta period has proven that it can be done.”

“The open beta period of DynaSets has proven to be a huge success for SingularityDAO and leads on to the official launch, which is soon to take place.”

SingularityDAO was created to democratize access to sophisticated trading tools. It is part of the SingularityNET ecosystem, a leading AI company led by Ben Goertzel, who created Sophia the AI Robot, the world’s first robot citizen, in partnership with Hanson Robotics.

Additional information

The numbers, which run from the opening of the most recent trading round of DynaSets on the 12th April to the 27th June, track the percentage increase in the value of crypto assets against their Dynaset counterparts. For example, if an investor had held Ethereum between the 12th April and the 27th June, their investment would have decreased by 59%, whereas Ethereum DynaSets beat this by 45%, meaning investors shielded themselves against the worst of the decline.

About SingularityDAO

SingularityDAO is bringing world-leading DeFi investment tools to the crypto space, fulfilling a similar role as hedge funds in traditional finance, but without the barriers that prevent the masses from participating. SingularityDAO also has access to the full breadth of knowledge and experience offered by SingularityNET, which within their own team of 100+ people includes numerous world-famous AI scientists, including their CEO Ben Goertzel. SingularityDAO has all the pieces in place to change the face of DeFi and Cryptocurrency forever and an ethos that guides them towards inclusion for all on their road to creating a beneficial singularity. For more information visit