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Grin mining

Grin Developers will Change Mining Development Roadmap

Grin will be making changes to their development roadmap, with no changes set to be made to their proof of work algorithms...
Coinbase Chainlink

Corporate Interest Sees ChainLink (LINK) Listed At Coinbase Pro

ChainLink, the Ethereum based oracle middleware project, has now been listed at Coinbase.  Confirming the development, Coinbase Pro said:
Grin Crypto Targeted By Sapphire Tech With New GPU Miner

Grin Developer Interview: Gary Yu

Gary Yu is a well-known crypto developer within the Grin circles. Building and vouching for an anonymous cryptocurrency aimed at privacy and...
Grin Ignotus Peverell

Grin’s mysterious Ignotus Peverell takes time off

The anonymous founder of Grin, going by the pseudonym, Ignotus Peverell, has decided to temporarily leave the project for personal reasons. That’s...
Ripple Libra CEO

Ripple CEO: “I will send a case of champagne to Libra boss David Marcus.”

Facebook’s Libra coin has certainly made a splash with its release of a white paper last week. The currency, which will look...
Binance BNB

Binance Coin (BNB) Is Rocketing, But Is It A Good Investment Choice?

Two years down the line and Binance Coin (BNB) is still gaining popularity among crypto users.  BNB recently broke into the top-10...
Fusion Binance Chain

Fusion is Now Integrating with Binance Chain

Fusion has announced that it will integrate into the Binance chain. The platform claims that this integration will bring value to Fusion...
Grin and Beam

Crypto investors are shifting to Grin & Beam privacy coins

Crypto investors are expanding their portfolio to accommodate recently launched privacy-focused coins – Beam and GRIN. The two coins have been attracting...
Coinone Ripple Moneygram

Coinone and Ripple Partnership as MoneyGram adopts XRP

Ripple keeps making partnerships, this time with Coinone and Moneygram.
Grin Crypto Targeted By Sapphire Tech With New GPU Miner

GRIN to Perform first hard fork Upgrade in mid-July

Grin, the privacy based coin on the MimbleWimble protocol is planning its debut hard fork, which is set to arrive July 17th...