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Lightning Network Iran Bitcoin

Bitcoin on the Move: Lightning Network’s Torch Reaches Iran Amid Controversy

The Lightning Network has lit a flame within the crypto community and now its fire has reached Iran with their Lightning Torch transaction relay...
bitcoin whales accumulate  BTC

Bitcoin Whales Accumulate 150,000 BTC in 2 Months

Bitcoin, so often heralded as a way for the playing field to be levelled in society and alleviate the rampant inequality. Yet, unfortunately with...
bitcoin ethereum rise china us trump

Bitcoin and Ethereum Make Big Rise In Market

Chinese Cryptocurrency stocks started to rise on Monday of this week, in an increasingly interesting development for the market. According to News Bitcoin: “Ethereum, the...
volandemort bitcoin jail

Man Pretends To Be Lord Voldemort and Demands Bitcoin (BTC)

Many thought that Lord Voldemort had died with the final Harry Potter film, but he has returned to Singapore and began to demand Bitcoin....
chinese taxes help bitcoin

Chinese Tax Reforms to Give Boost to Bitcoin (BTC)?

Since the price fall of crypto, there have been various rumours of what will provide a revival to the currency in the near future....
bitcoin miners face virus attack hant

Chinese Bitcoin (BTC) Miners Facing Large Virus Attack

Miners in China have begun to cross their fingers and look over there shoulders as continued reports of dangerous viruses that look to extradite...
blockchain jack ma

Jack Ma Talks Bitcoin and Blockchain – No Change in His Thinking

At the 20th Annual CAST (China Association of Science and Technology) event, Jack Ma once again discussed Bitcoin and blockchain. He said that maybe...
XRP Bitcoin trade war

How Cryptocurrency is Feeling the Effects of Trump’s Trade War – Bitcoin vs XRP

With all the recent news about the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanchou and whether it was an attack by Trump on the escalating...
mastering bitcoin on chinese tv

“Mastering Bitcoin” Book Appeared on Chinese TV

Andreas Antonopoulos has written the classic "Mastering Bitcoin" - a must read for everyone starting the cryptocurrency journey. Recently, the author was surprised to...

Today Bitcoin Jumped $7200 on Bitfinex

On Monday, October 15, the price of the first cryptocurrency on the popular Hong Kong exchange Bitfinex quickly went up and in a short...