Andreas Antonopoulos has written the classic “Mastering Bitcoin” – a must read for everyone starting the cryptocurrency journey. Recently, the author was surprised to find the book appeared on China Central Television (CCTV). It is an unexpected move, as China is known to be discreet in general about virtual currencies.


Specifically, the CCTV2 Economic Channel promoted the Chinese version of the book in an advertisement program. It is worth noting, but the name of the Chinese book was changed to “Blockchain: The Road to Digitalization of Assets.”

Presumably, this move from CCTV shows some positive sign for the Bitcoin and crypto communities. It’s well-known that these TV channels are under the severe control of the Chinese government and nothing is presented there without a purpose.

The ideas of cryptocurrencies are not so clear for a regular Internet user. For a huge amount of people, it is shown as a mysterious way to invest and lose money, but not as an opportunity to make financial systems more transparent for everybody. The education about the subject is crucially important for the overall development of the industry as the blockchain is at the low start position and ready to strike for masses.

However, the English title of the cover has not been changed, and the author himself confirmed on Twitter that the content of the book has not been modified too.

In short, the situation clearly shows that China is in the position where it calmly waits for the mass market to get ready to use it and the promotion of “Mastering Bitcoin” book is the big step for it. The government is carefully integrating new things.

Although the domestic crackdown on cryptocurrency is very strict, China seems to be open to blockchain technology projects. Before that, some Chinese banks have begun to use the blockchain to issue securities and loans.