Retail-focused crypto exchange BXB will list tipping and microtransaction cryptocurrency Reddcoin on its platform on August 10, a coin that allows a monetized like button for the internet.

With Reddcoin you can sign up for a unique ReddID, link it to your social media accounts, for example, Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, and use it to send and receive microtransactions for content you like, or for content you create.

It’s an innovative new system with ambitions to be the number one tipping and microtransaction platform globally, and disrupt a sector currently dominated by Patreon.

What it means is that whether you’re a content creator or consumer you can use your influence to generate another source of income, or show your support to the creators that you follow and love.

For example, using Reddcoin will allow you to support a YouTuber you follow closely, or if you are a fledgling creator who is new to social media it will give you another way to help make money.

Reddcoin leverages blockchain’s transparent and trustless nature to ensure transactions complete really quickly and with free transactions.

BXB listing

Listing on BXB will allow Reddcoin to benefit from BXB’s fantastic reach and will make it accessible to BXB’s army of retail investors and traders.

A BXB spokesperson said Reddcoin was the perfect project to list on BXB, as they are both heavily focused on bringing retail investors to crypto.

“Reddcoin is making big strides forwards to become the go-to blockchain for microtransactions. The social media space is massive and users want a reliable, fast way they can show support to their favorite creators — Reddcoin is it. We’re looking forward to bringing them onboard,” they said.

“Whether you’re new to crypto trading or an experienced investor, you should always make sure you have a risk mitigation plan in place, and do your own research before you invest in projects.”

BXB is focused on being the exchange for retail investors, and as well as trading, it wants to help educate retail investors about the benefits of crypto and how retail investors can use it to make money.

Their mission is to provide crypto community members and traders with access to a range of trading tools, products and services, from coin to coin trading, to options and futures trading.

Reddcoin will be available to customers on BXB from Saturday August 10, and it is clear that with BXB’s support, Reddcoin has serious potential to become the chosen way for internet users to reward the content creators they love.