The Litex Lab has launched the first commercial-grade layer 2 payment product known as Litex Mall. The global cryptocurrency market has been growing, evidenced by the launch of new products. One significant area experiencing revived activities is facilitating micropayments involving virtual currencies. One of the major players in this field is Litex. 

Litex, being a decentralized cryptocurrency platform, allows instant micropayments while keeping the transaction cost at its lowest. The Litex platform has its native token listed on HADAX under the LTX ticker symbol.

Litex on Imtoken 2.0

Notably, Litex Mall now sits on the popular Imtoken 2.0 wallet that supports Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum-based tokens under the ERC-20 standard.

According to Litex Lab:

“As the first commercial-grade layer2 product, ‘Litex Mall’ uses the layer2 technology based on Ethereum to expand to sub-channel channel to achieve a second-level payment experience comparable to Internet products. In addition to the high-speed recharge experience, there is no handling fee in the chain channel, which effectively solves the problems of slow speed and high cost of the Ethereum public chain.”

To supercharge its quest to provide payment solutions to those looking to make micropayments, Litex Mall supports USDT, LXT, and ETH mobile phone recharge business. Besides, the payment channel can quickly communicate and or access the layer2 payment function of the entire ERC-20 ecosystem. 

Litex, connecting public blockchains with commercial users

Simply put, Litex acts as the interface that connects the public chain with commercial applications. This enables blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to find their way into public life. Consequently, it drives the adoption of virtual currencies.

Apart from interfacing public blockchains with commercial usage, Litex Mall will help Litex in the deployment of a fuel card and VIP recharge services. The additional services and products will help Litex to comprehensively address encrypted payment.

Litex adds that:“[It’s] looking forward to competing with bank card organizations and dethrone them one day with the power of technology. Litex will make the convenient, speedy, low cost, and secure cryptocurrency micropayment solution a new norm on the world economic stage.”