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Asian digital currencies, price analysis, cryptocurrency exchanges and market cap. All you need to know from asian blockchain and cryptocurrency projects

ICO regulations in Taiwan

ICO Regulations: Taiwan Offers a New Legitimate Face for Crypto

After years of being dogged by allegations of fakery, fraud and fright, the cryptocurrency sector may have been thrown a lifeline by the head...
Grin Fork

Grin Developer Reveals Mining Upgrade Issue

According to reports surfacing this week, Grin are discussing potential changes to the project’s hard fork roadmap. The privacy based coin on the Mimblewimble project...
enjin wallet partners samsung blockchain phone

Samsung Partnered with Enjin (ENJ) for Blockchain Wallet on Galaxy S10?

BREAKING: Enjin scores the biggest partnership in crypto history: Enjin wallet will be installed on Samsung phones and will be used for "Sending of...

Tezos (XTZ) to Use Chainlink (LINK) Oracle Service to Run its Smart Contracts

Two of the leading developer teams of Texos (XTZ), Cryptonomic and SmartPy, are integrating Chainlink (LINK) oracles to the Tezos ecosystem. The objective is to...
Binance Launchpad Celer

Binance Launchpad Gives Celer Lift-off in Record Time

Binance Launchpad has broken yet more records following Celer Network’s (CELR) completed token sale within 17 minutes and 35 seconds. Their Launchpad continues to...
Binance Zhao Changpeng

Binance Refuses to Share Profits Due to BNB Security Risk

Binance has made some big waves in the market after their a sizeable price boost and profits since the introduction of their Launchpad. However, despite...
Livio Weng Huobi Prime

Huobi CEO Interview as Prime Launches Today

The launch of Huobi Prime, the platform for coin startups, is set for today and in a preview to its debut moment, Huobi CEO...

Machi X Atomic Drop Is Coming On November 15

The Machi X team took to Twitter to announce that the monthly Machi X atomic drops that started last month, October 16, will be held...
enjin coin logo

Update: Samsung and Enjin to Partner on S10

Samsung, the smartphone giant have confirmed rumors of a partnership with Enjin, the crypto wallet/gaming platform, as they join forces for the blockchain gaming...
chinese experts on jpmorgan coin

Chinese Experts Give Opinion on J.P. Morgan’s Coin

JP Morgan Chase made waves in the crypto community this past week as they launched the JPM Coin news. What is seen as an initial...