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FF AQwire

Formosa Financial Expands Client Base into Blockchain Real Estate

On November 27, Taiwan-based Formosa Financial announced the signing of a second private beta client, AQWIRE, a blockchain-based property listing platform project run by...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Chinese Hackers Under Suspicion For The Bithumb Hack

Last week, there was a $32 million hack on Bithumb which a South Korean exchange platform. The cyber police in South Korea is haven't...
Coinone Ripple Moneygram

Coinone and Ripple Partnership as MoneyGram adopts XRP

Ripple keeps making partnerships, this time with Coinone and Moneygram.
Ripple Libra CEO

Ripple CEO: “I will send a case of champagne to Libra boss David Marcus.”

Facebook’s Libra coin has certainly made a splash with its release of a white paper last week. The currency, which will look to provide...
chinese experts on jpmorgan coin

Chinese Experts Give Opinion on J.P. Morgan’s Coin

JP Morgan Chase made waves in the crypto community this past week as they launched the JPM Coin news. What is seen as an initial...

Treelion (TRN) Creates Sustainable Green Business Engine on Blockchain

The TREELION app will launch on April 15, following a long period of testing and development by the team. It will help deliver a brand new business model for green economic development, with users able to use it to participate in sustainable activities and help to combat global desertification, earning TREELION credits -- in the process.

DeFi Balancer Made A Grave Mistake, Now They Are Paying Users

DeFi has proven that decentralization comes at a price, at least in its early stages. This time, the Balancer Protocol becomes the new victim...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Vechain Mainnet Launch Guide

Firstly, Vechain will launch the Vechain Mainnet (VET) on June 30th 2018. This event marks the official start of the Vechain Blockchain - it...