This week EOS launched their Torch, which sees EOS holders transfer it to different users in a sign of solidarity and to promote the brand.

In a move that is similar to the Lightning Torch which was devised by, Twitter user holdonaut, and is making a path across countries and continents, the EOS communities recently mined ‘Torch” has begun its journey.

According to Bitcoin Exchange, the “torch” has no monetary value and there is no reason to defect the whole process. Critics have suggested that it makes no sense for the whole EOS community to move this “torch” token and that EOS has no place in partaking in this activity as it is not really a transaction company like the Lightning Network.

EOS will do well to match the success of the Lightning Network’s torch. The Torch has traveled far and wide and even courted some controversy on its way to Iran as the user sending the torch refused amid concerns for his safety due to the economic sanctions in place against the nation.

Despote this, the idea has become extremely popular with the community and even courted attention from those outside of it. Some celebrities have held the Lightning Torch, most notably Jack Dorsey, the CEO of the Twitter social network.

This is surely why EOS have been wanting to get on the bandwagon and maybe see a bump in the market for their price. Currently EOS is ranked fifth overall, with a market cap of $3,384,264,118 USD.