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Analysis and opinion on various Asian cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. We help you stay ahead of market trends so that you can buy and sell crypto successfully.

bitcoin spring festival mia tam

Mia Tam: My Bitcoin Spring Festival

This Spring Festival I have been opening many red packets filled with money and pigs are everywhere across my great country. I...
lit app how it works

Being A New User On Lit: Mithril’s App

I finally decided to download Lit on my phone because I wanted to see if it’s as cool as Mithril promised. Hey, I know...
VeChain Game of Thrones

VeChain Blockchain to be used for Game of Thrones Sneaker

The VeChain blockchain is set to be used on an upcoming Game of Thrones sneaker it has been revealed this week.
VeChain price analysis

VeChain (VET) Down 7.7% but set for a rally

Blockchains are revolutionary and following the overwhelming success of the pioneering platform in Bitcoin, enterprises are interested. With prospects of transparency, efficacy,...

Asia Firms Dominate Cryptocurrency Mining, Staking and Funding

There is no doubting that Asia plays a crucial role in cryptocurrency and blockchain and a report from CoinGecko has proven the...

Weekly Roundup (30 Sept- 6 Oct)

In the past seven days, the mood in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space may not have been great since a big Bitcoin fall in...

Weekly Roundup (October 28- November 3)

The week in review has been booming with headlines ranging from email leaks to comments on blockchain technology from China.
bitcoin ten years growth

Bitcoin Shows Sustained Growth for a Decade

Bitcoin celebrates its tenth birthday this year and after a decade on this earth, it still provides conversation, debate and most importantly...
Weekly roundup

Weekly roundup-25-31 August 2019

Scammers hide behind regulations, Tether's RMB token, Plus Token moving funds, Wright told to give up 500,000 Bitcoins and Bitcoin and defiance...

Bitcoin Price Correction Compared Between 2014 And 2018

A Bitcoin price correction was inevitable. According to a chart which compared the average bitcoin price trend in 2014 and 2018 released by Quartz,...