Jeffrey Huang, founder of popular social media app Mithril, was recently featured on a Korean television program. The show, called Blockchain Insight, focuses on the leading blockchain news and future developments particularly in relation to Korea.

Blockchain Insight is a relatively new program, and apart from Jeff, other guests include Enjin and Carry Protocol. The show is broadcast on one of Korea’s cable television networks in the prime evening time slot. This is a great way for projects and blockchain in general to be introduced to a greater Korean market.

Blockchain Insight (블록체인 인사이트)

Mithril is a social media app that enables “social mining”. Users can create and upload their own content and be rewarded for the views and likes that they get. Mithril will be integrated into new and existing social media networks to reward content creators for their contributions to the network.

Mithril – Lit app

The app also allows the spending of of their cryptocurrency, MITH, on services such as dating services, premium content channels, and live-stream applications. There are even partnerships with retailers in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Check out the Interview with Jeffrey Huang about Mithril below: