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Analysis and opinion on various Asian cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. We help you stay ahead of market trends so that you can buy and sell crypto successfully.

crypto  review

Digital Currencies in 2018: Quick Review

For all those involved in digital currency, 2018 has certainly been a rollercoaster year. Now that it’s behind us, it’s time to...
Ethereum Delphi Digital Bitcoin

Ethereum (ETH) May Overtake Bitcoin (BTC), Says Report

A report released this week has suggested that Ethereum (ETH) could overtake Bitcoin (BTC) if a bull run come to fruition.
Vechain Verifycar

VeChain and BMW Partner again as Deloitte moves to Thor Blockchain

VeChain will partner with BMW yet again for a new service called VerifyCar on the VeChainThor Network. The...
travala ripple

Travala.com Now Accepts XRP for its Hotel Booking Platform

Ripple XRP continues to show its relevance to the world beyond the conventional role it plays as a reliable financial system platform....
Will china ban bitcoin?

Mithril founder, Jeffrey Huang, featured on Blockchain Insight

Jeffrey Huang, founder of popular social media app Mithril, was recently featured on a Korean television program. The show, called Blockchain Insight, focuses on...
bitcoin love or hate

Bitcoin: Love or Hate, We are all Partakers

Life can really be contradictory, everyone wants to associate when it looks rosy, but the moment the undesirables occur, we know the real hero....
Bitcoin Mining: Current Situations of the Industry and the Miners

Bitcoin Mining: Current Situations of the Industry and the Miners

Looking at the present stage of Bitcoin Mining the chip giant's inventory liquidation in bitcoin mining, computing power will remain stable in the second half...
sto ico ban chin

Conspiracy as the Chinese Government Fuels Misconception of STO

Context A few years ago, China was the undisputed central hub of cryptocurrency activities until recently that the...
Libra Facebook takeover Wechat Alipay

Could Facebook’s Libra take over Chinese mobile payment giants Wechat and Alipay?

The world went Facebook mad this week as the company released a white paper for their highly anticipated ‘Libra’ token. The news...
Tether Double Standards pic

Tether (USDT) Selling at $0.99 Despite Damaging $850 Million Cover Up

Another BitFinex-Tether Limited saga, another double standard claim and another summoning. That’s what the sphere has to get accustomed to with the...