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Analysis and opinion on various Asian cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. We help you stay ahead of market trends so that you can buy and sell crypto successfully.

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Tether (USDT) is Successful Because Lack of KYC and AML is Their Main Value...

If anything, April was mixed. On one end, prices soared just a day after Fool’s Day clearing important resistance levels and more symbolically, confirming what analysts were...

Beware the Email Scammers Asking for Bitcoin

Whenever I visit any of my grandparents I am always inevitably asked to help them with the various tech problems they face. It is...
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The Top Five Scams of 2019

Recent reports have shown a record amount of profits for cryptocurrency scams in 2019 which has left many out of pocket around the world....
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The All Time Top 5 Crypto Scandals

Scams, the nemesis of people everywhere. The same is also the case in the crypto world and, man, some people have been hit hard...
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Chinese Tax Reforms to Give Boost to Bitcoin (BTC)?

Since the price fall of crypto, there have been various rumours of what will provide a revival to the currency in the near future....
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EnergiToken: Replacing the Stick with the Carrot in Energy Saving

Up until now there has been a similar approach used by governments and energy sector leaders to curb growing energy demands and encourage economy...
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Trading patterns on Binance show signs of wash trading

Binance has had a clean bill of health regarding malicious trading activities. However, yesterday could have been a bad day after trading activities on two tokens HyperCash...

Crypto Influencers: There is an 85 Percent Chance that Bitcoin (BTC) Has Bottomed

That crypto and Bitcoin prices do see-saw in the face of changing fundamental and “sentiment” is true.
Nobody Gives a Damn About the Ban

ICO in China is still ON. Nobody Gives a Damn About the Ban

Recently, the Shanghai headquarters of the People's Bank of China issued a document on the official website, saying that it will continue to guard...
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The HTC Exodus blockchain smartphone to support in-built crypto trading

HTC, a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, is not relenting in its push to ease the way crypto enthusiasts engage with their digital wealth. The...