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Analysis and opinion on various Asian cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. We help you stay ahead of market trends so that you can buy and sell crypto successfully.

Crypto Taiwan Regulations Jason Hsu

Crypto Taiwan As an Example For Other Countries

Taiwan seems like the most promising region to become the new cryptocurrency incubator with a brain heavy weighted people in charge of future regulations....
libra trump china

Do Trump and Facebook’s Libra Have Anything Linking Them?

The announcement of the planned launch of Facebook’s Libra is certainly a defining moment for crypto. This development represents unprecedented blockchain adoption...

Historical Rate of Return Shows that Bitcoin (BTC) Could Hit $75,000 in Three Years

Josh Rager, a crypto trader, investor, and part of the advisory team at two crypto/blockchain-focused startups, has an exciting outlook into the Bitcoin market.
china bitcoin

Public Opinion on China Bitcoin Situation – Not as Scared as You Think

What is the reaction of the Chinese public given the recent crash in bitcoin price and the mining rig FUD? Just yesterday, the second...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Blockchain Technology In The Travel Industry: Travala

Blockchain Technology In The Travel Industry: Travala With several efficient blockchain technology-based innovations rapidly springing up, blockchain skeptics are starting to have change of...
stellar lumens xlm

Stellar XLM, One Month Trend: Technical Analysis and Projections

CEO of Morgan Creek Digital Mark Yusko during an interview with the YouTube series Thinking Crypto on April 10 said the company...

What does China’s Two Sessions mean for Blockchain and DCEP?

All eyes are on China’s Two Sessions (Langhui) meeting which is underway in Beijing and, reports have suggested new technologies like blockchain...
mithril vs bear market

Mithril Continues to Score Big Despite the Bear Market

Although the rest of the market is not faring too well, with Bitcoin dropping over 10% and most other coins in the top 100...
Libra Facebook takeover Wechat Alipay

Could Facebook’s Libra take over Chinese mobile payment giants Wechat and Alipay?

The world went Facebook mad this week as the company released a white paper for their highly anticipated ‘Libra’ token. The news...

TRON Launches TRC20 Based USDT Offered By Tether with A 20 Million USDT Incentive...

We have known for some time now that Tron would be collaborating with Tether Limited, the company behind, USDT. The partnership would...