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Analysis and opinion on various Asian cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. We help you stay ahead of market trends so that you can buy and sell crypto successfully.

blockchain jack ma

Jack Ma Talks Bitcoin and Blockchain – No Change in His Thinking

At the 20th Annual CAST (China Association of Science and Technology) event, Jack Ma once again discussed Bitcoin and blockchain. He said that maybe...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Vechain Token Swap and X-Node Binding Guide

Introduction and Overview This guide covers the basics of the Vechain Token Swap (VEN to VET) and X-node binding process. There are two methods of...

Plus Token Guide: The scam that brought cryptocurrency prices down

Plus Token was a scam that caused a huge sensation in 2019. Launched in May 2018 with the intention to become a cryptocurrency wallet....
energi token

EnergiToken: Replacing the Stick with the Carrot in Energy Saving

Up until now there has been a similar approach used by governments and energy sector leaders to curb growing energy demands and encourage economy...
Huobi stablecoin HUSD

Huobi Stable Coin (HUSD): Is There A Spiteful Reason Behind It?

For people who don’t know what a stable coin is, it is a cryptocurrency backed by a tangible value such as fiat currency, gold,...

China’s Digital Yuan Poses Latent Threat to US Power in Changing World

As the world changes during the virus pandemic, enemies of the US are looking to create their own future away from America’s dominance. As Mark...
WeChat Image

Success for Charlie Lee, Litecoin Hash Rate Flies to ATHs

No doubt, Litecoin's native currency, LTC has been on a roll. But it is not always about price. Statistics indicate that the network’s security...

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019

Bitcoin's bullish run is on, smashing the “mother of all resistances” at $6,000 and its value now is at a reasonable $6,810. Speculators
substratum is vpn killer

Substratum as a New VPN Alternative in China

From the biggest corporations to the lone individual living in a remote village on the far side of the world - the Internet has...
india crypto end

Suicide and Scams: Why India may have moved to ban the Bitcoin industry

The crypto world was left reeling following the proposed bill in India, which would ban the industry altogether in the nation, with the prospect...