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Analysis and opinion on various Asian cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. We help you stay ahead of market trends so that you can buy and sell crypto successfully.

iran mining

Iran’s Bitcoin Bet

Iranian politicians are increasingly eyeing Bitcoin and the industry behind it as a viable driver of its economy. This week Iranian lawmaker, representative Mohammad Hossein...
Crypto Fud News Example

Chinese Crypto Mining FUD – Manipulation vs. The Real Situation

The recent crash of bitcoin prices, with prices dropping below $4,300 on Nov 20th, has led to a lot of panic and fear mongering....

Was It Bitcoin? 1988 the Ecomist Predicted the World Coin

In 1988, the Economist published a prediction about the victory of the "world currency" over the national fiat, but we did not meet the...
Three Reasons why Bitcoin Whales cannot Manipulate the Markets

Three Reasons why Bitcoin Whales cannot Manipulate the Markets

According to a report published by Chainalysis, a blockchain research company, there are about 1,600 bitcoin whales with total bitcoin worth about $40 billion....
Will china ban bitcoin?

Wall Street : Bitcoin Is The best Bet For Crypto Investors

Wall Street : Bitcoin Is The best Bet For Crypto Investors The price of Bitcoin went below $6,000 in June and that brought it to...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Vechain Token Swap and X-Node Binding Guide

Introduction and Overview This guide covers the basics of the Vechain Token Swap (VEN to VET) and X-node binding process. There are two methods of...
Will china ban bitcoin?

FCoin Exchange – New China Scam or Marketing Genius?

The hot topic recently has been about relatively new exchange coming directly from China - FCoin. There are two main issues connected with FCoin....
machi atomic drop

Mithril’s Machi X (MCX) Tokens Atomic Drop. How Can We Benefit?

It has been a rough couple of weeks for crypto. Bitcoin has fallen over 40% from 6.4k and the hope is that the 3.8k...
substratum is vpn killer

Substratum as a New VPN Alternative in China

From the biggest corporations to the lone individual living in a remote village on the far side of the world - the Internet has...
bitcoin mining

Bitcoin Mining in Crisis? Exclusive visit to ASIC retailers in China

It’s no longer news that Bitcoin mining has been banned in China by the Chinese government. However, interested mining equipment buyers can visit physical...