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Analysis and opinion on various Asian cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. We help you stay ahead of market trends so that you can buy and sell crypto successfully.

Terra luna

Terra Luna’s Terrifying Trajectory: Facts, Figures, and Updates

UST, LUNA, and Anchor Protocol: A Quick Hop  TerraUSD, more commonly known as UST, is Terra's flagship stablecoin and was created by Terraform Labs (TFL). UST...

Daily: Crypto Dip / Bitcoin Cash Chain Split Bug / Tether prints $50M USDT Crypto markets have taken a beating over the past week due to the SEC's announcement to delay the ruling the CBOE Bitcoin ETF...

The valuaiton of OKB

In the second half of 2018 where the crypto market was facing a bear run, stablecoins issued by major exchanges were among the few that maintained a moderate growth.
bitcoin rally

Bitcoin Rally Above $10,000 As $64.38 Million Worth Of BTC Shorts Ruined

Trading at over $10,000 and printing new 2019 highs, Bitcoin (BTC) bulls are in control, and not relenting. Because of this sharp spike in...
energi token

EnergiToken: Replacing the Stick with the Carrot in Energy Saving

Up until now there has been a similar approach used by governments and energy sector leaders to curb growing energy demands and encourage economy...

TRON Launches TRC20 Based USDT Offered By Tether with A 20 Million USDT Incentive...

We have known for some time now that Tron would be collaborating with Tether Limited, the company behind, USDT. The partnership would see USDT...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Vechain Mainnet Launch Guide

Firstly, Vechain will launch the Vechain Mainnet (VET) on June 30th 2018. This event marks the official start of the Vechain Blockchain - it...
weekly roundup

Weekly Roundup (8-15 September)

The week in review has recorded activities. China and the US continue to make headlines, with the UN releasing a report to indicate the...
Bitcoin Whales Aren't That Scary

Bitcoin Whales Aren’t That Scary

In the Bitcoin world, mysterious "whales" are often discussed as the investors who own huge amounts of cryptocurrency. Now, thanks to the research of...
Libra China Analysts worried

Facebook’s Libra Token Has Chinese Analysts Worried

Facebook, the world’s leading social media platform, recently announced its venture into the cryptocurrency industry with the introduction of Libra cryptocurrency project. According to...