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Walmart cryptocurrency

A Walmart Cryptocurrency: what does it mean for the Industry?

Walmart is looking at creating a cryptocurrency, following the shopping giants filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last week, titled:...
EOS Torch

EOS Torch Begins Journey

This week EOS launched their Torch, which sees EOS holders transfer it to different users in a sign of solidarity and to...
Binance Launchpad Celer

Binance Launchpad Gives Celer Lift-off in Record Time

Binance Launchpad has broken yet more records following Celer Network’s (CELR) completed token sale within 17 minutes and 35 seconds. Their Launchpad...
Litecoin Price

How Litecoin Became The Token of 2019

Litecoin has been somewhat the dark horse of 2019, not quite getting the plaudits of new tokens like Grin and the appraisals...
Samsung Unity Enjin

Samsung-Unity-Enjin: The Trinity For Future Crypto Adoption

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is without a doubt the biggest event for the crypto world so far this year....
Chen Rong, Founder of ELA, Has Made Response to Recent Community Concerns

Chen Rong, Founder of ELA, Has Made Response to Recent Community Concerns

Chen Rong, the founder of ELA platform, made a great impression to investors after an interview explaining public sales trend. He responded to the...
Binance Zhao Changpeng

Binance Refuses to Share Profits Due to BNB Security Risk

Binance has made some big waves in the market after their a sizeable price boost and profits since the introduction of their...
Tron Justin Sun Vitalik Ethereum

Ethereum v TRON Continues as Founders Trade Words

The feud between Tron and Ethereum has hotted up as both company's founders traded barbs over social media and in interviews.
Grin Ignotus Peverell

Grin’s mysterious Ignotus Peverell takes time off

The anonymous founder of Grin, going by the pseudonym, Ignotus Peverell, has decided to temporarily leave the project for personal reasons. That’s...
Fusion Binance Chain

Fusion is Now Integrating with Binance Chain

Fusion has announced that it will integrate into the Binance chain. The platform claims that this integration will bring value to Fusion...