Over the past decade, digitalization brought us many solutions to our daily struggles. Internet, as It was developing, started to solve the problem of communications and It brought us to another level. Basically, almost everything you can possibly think of has emended digitalization at some form nowadays as the circulation of the data became flawless. The reformation of the data structure and form created an opportunity to learn faster than humanity ever could.

With that new flow of the knowledge, we created a huge jump over the poverty, thanks to the efficient economical models and conscious society of the many countries. The smart centralized system works great until a nut stops doing its job. That reap the whole system that leads to a terrible economical hole and compels us to get back to our main needs and starting from there again. I mean farming. The very basic needs.

Asia Farmer Solution

Still, you might refuse the extra pair of shoes, but you surely wouldn’t say no to food. Despite the economy of the developed countries is not rely on farming anymore, there is plenty of the globe’s territory that starves every day. So how can we talk about the colonization of Mars, but still don’t pay attention to those who barely survive and depend their life on the farming?

The infrastructure of the modern economy is highly related to the technological and economic development of a country. Centralized regulators are responsible for that, but not all of them are successful enough to drive their people from the poverty line. Unfortunately, we don’t choose where to be born and from the beginning of the life, we have to deal with the current situation in a home country’s economy that most of the time collects and keeps data secretly from the businesses that potentially may find a solution. Unlikely, this is the reality and many countries are corrupted and are not interesting in any changes because they have assigned the power over recourses and data, that supposed to belong to every citizen.

Agriculture Industry on Blockchain

What is the solution? I find the opportunity in decentralized blockchain technologies that do not depend on a country with centralized regulators and create an independent circle of data easily accessible to everyone in a network. Because blockchain is impossible to influence by the authorities. It creates a healthy trustworthy environment to share data for the development of the biggest $5 trillion economic sectors with, agricultural in our case. Even in the top developed countries 1,3 billion tons of food waste occurred during production and technical limitation during the storage, transportation, packaging and marketing.

HARA project exactly executes the idea. The project based on blockchain and help everyone among the farming infrastructure and to cooperate. That should help the industry to grow on every level. It’s crucial to increase productivity market efficiencies.


The whole lifecycle of data is accumulated by a different network’s roles, where everyone has its job to do for the growth of the overall system.

Up to date data gives the crucial knowledge, analyzing other users’ shared experience. Can you imagine, how valuable would it be for agricultural infrastructure creators to be able to hear a regular farmer’s issues? How easy it would be to target the most important points to improve the everyday assessments? How valuable it would be for everyone to avoid the mistakes one could make?

More so, sharing brings you double value, including the in-network reward as tokens you can stokehold, as people who desperately need data are willing to pay for it as banks, insurance companies and retailers.

But why wouldn’t I just pretend like I own a business, put some “data” and earn funds without actually doing anything? First, it’s not the way to step forward, neither personally nor economically. Second, inside the ecosystem, there are data qualifiers who are interested in to prove the data is real. Data qualifier can be anyone, who holds the HARA tokens, as it indicates an affiliation to the ecosystem and common interest.

The other subject to discuss is, how to integrate the technology and make people use it?

HARA Agriculture Blockchain

HARA is created by Dattabot and based in Indonesia. Of course, the company first tries to implement the technology there. Despite the beginning of the journey, the project took attention of a big gun – BNI, the Indonesian state-owned bank, creating the partnership and support for the future of the agricultural revolution in South Asia and, hopefully, for the rest of the world. The collected data must simplify the loan system to create more opportunities to realize new ideas.

Today, the promising projects like HARA must proof by their reliability on the market, but I see it as an interesting opportunity to invest into something useful, with bright intentions.

I would be happy to see more of the awareness for the entrepreneurs to create a valuable project to improve the society and general situation in the world. There are still so many problems to solve. At least for now, there is one less to deal with.