China’s LeTv Blockchain community launched its one chain with Leshi Zhixin called “One chain Box” LeTV is a Chinese multinational conglomerate corporation The group maintains ventures in consumer electronics, automobiles, film and other business.

What exactly is one Chain Box?

China’s LeTv Blockchain “One Chain Box” enables users in the community to earn one chain token by sharing a network bandwidth that is idle through the hardware box.
The distribution and promotion of IP content can be broadened by Leshi Zhixin using a chain of hardware boxes with “One chain box” which revives the hardware department of LeTv by increasing the sale of the hardware. This will thereby increase the company’s revenue as well as its customers which will save CDN cost and company cloud application scenes.

You can classify LeTv Blockchain “One Chain Box” as a data miner. One chain box runs at a speed of about 6 LLT in 24 hours with an hourly return of 0.25 RMB.
There are two basic ways to spend the token, either by transferring it to another wallet for cash or making a purchase with it on the OneChain wallets. there are however limits to the use of the OneChain wallets for purchases. They are limited to the purchase of scooters, bikes and Tv coupons. Due to this restriction, there is limited motivation for users to want to obtain the token.