Valentine’s day, the time for love, roses and for Justin Sun campaign releases and celebrity-laden parties. The CEO of Tron is reportedly planning to host a big bash soon with secret campaign releases to be announced.

Posting on social media this week, the blockchain magnate is looking to spread love and crypto as he has done throughout his career, and had teased supporters with this post:

Tron and BitTorrent made headlines for its rapid development since its launch. It has had praise heaped upon them from various news networks and others like Simon Morris former BitTorrent employee has warned that this could be problematic.

This has not put of Sun in his firm commitment to spreading blockchain technology, with his blockchain charity ventures and his various partners in the blockchain industry. Now he is looking to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the day of love in style, with a special Valentine package.

We will wait for the upcoming announcement and keep our fingers crossed for an invite!

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