bitmart exchange user withdrawals

Bitmart User Withdrawals Have Been Stuck for More than 5 Days

Several investors have shared their frustrations regarding withdrawal requests being frozen by the Bitmart exchange on social platforms like Telegram and Twitter....
sushiswap gives keys to sbf

SushiSwap Founder Gives Keys to SBF After Scam Accusations

The kitchen has become so smoky, and the chef can’t take it anymore. Chef Nomi, the anonymous founder and lead developer behind...
dcep how will it affect wechat pay and alipay

How Will China’s DCEP Affect WeChat Pay and Alipay?

With the growing interest and adoption of cryptocurrencies, about 80% of central banks worldwide are looking to create their own cryptocurrency. The...

$Kimchi Finance Took the DeFi Market By Storm

The DeFi arena has been spicing up the cryptosphere with the introduction of one food-sounding token after another. The latest menu offering...
The Chinese Digital Yuan Recent Trial And Abrupt Discontinuation

The Digital Yuan’s Abrupt Discontinuation – What You Need To Know

China has gained considerable ground when it comes to progress in Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). It has begun to roll out...
China Construction Bank DCeP

LAUNCHING TODAY: China’s digital currency “DCEP” Via China Construction Bank Wallet

At long last, China’s personal digital currency, the DCEP, has been launched. China Construction Bank’s official APP has unveiled this exciting digital...
DCEP to be Tested in HOng Kong

Digital Yuan To Be Tested in Hong Kong, What’s Gonna Happen?

Testing of China's DCEP/digital yuan will be conducted on Hong Kong, and then on other provinces of its mainland.
8 hours Foundation

8Hours Welcomes Videogame Industry Titan Michael Katz to Its Advisory Board

8Hours Foundation recently announced a fresh addition to its Advisory Board, Michael Katz, a legendary figure in the videogame entertainment industry. This...

Ethereum Seeks Off-Chain Scaling as DeFi Pushes On-chain to its Limit

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has been widely successful, growing exponentially in the last few months in terms of locked-up assets and user adoption....

Maker Dethrones Compound As DeFi Hits Near $3 Billion

Maker has recently outdone Compound in terms of total locked-up assets as the DeFi market primes to hit another new milestone. Meanwhile,...