elastos co founder makes response

Elastos Co-Founder Responded to Accusation from New York Supreme Court

As Asia Crypto Today reported this week, Elastos and Huobi founders have both had Investors based in the US attempting a class-action...
Will china ban bitcoin?

The Demise Of ICO’s

A number of cryptocurrencies have been joining the list of dead coins. The list has over 700 lifeless tokens and according to Coinopsy, over...

Crypto Influencers: There is an 85 Percent Chance that Bitcoin (BTC) Has Bottomed

That crypto and Bitcoin prices do see-saw in the face of changing fundamental and “sentiment” is true.
tether chinese russia

Chinese Investors Buying Up-to $30 Million of Tether (USDT) in Russia

Importers from China are purchasing up to $30 million a day of tether (USDT) from OTC trading desks in Moscow. According to...
Bitcoin has the same carbon footprint

Research: Bitcoin has the same carbon footprint as Las Vegas with Asia housing 68%...

The Proof of Work (PoW) consensus algorithm used by Bitcoin is the major reason why Bitcoin, as it revolutionizes financial transactions, is harming the environment
The Official Statement on OKCoin Beijing Office Assault

The Official Statement on OKCoin Beijing Office Assault

For the disruption of OKCoin's office, legal weapons will be used to protect their legitimate rights and interests.  Official statement of OKCoin Weibo: At 14...
limit market otc trading

Chinese Police Freeze OTC Crypto Traders Accounts

On June 4th, Chinese authorities in Guangdong Province closed around four thousand bank accounts linked to cryptocurrency over the counter (OTC) traders...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Reasons You Should Invest In Bitcoin

There are undeniable benefits of bitcoin to other altcoins and this has been proven time and time again by its continuous rise since its...
NEO's Busy September: New Tokens and Upgrades

NEO’s Busy September: New Tokens and Upgrades

NEO’s developers had an active September, according to their monthly report and the feedback is looking positive. Here are the most important events realized...
china trust blockchain CCAL super ledger

China Trust Blockchain Committee Establishes CCAL Super Ledger

The China Trust Union Alliance Blockchain Committee has recently disclosed the launch of a blockchain project called CCAL Super Ledger.