Chinese team SDKBOX to launch the Facebook Libra Microsoft Development Tools plug-in

The Chinese team SDKBOX has developed the first Plug-in for the Libra coin that Facebook is releasing next year. Notably, this is...
Ripple MoneyTap

Ripple Boost, Seven More Japanese Banks Join MoneyTap

SBI Holdings, the co-developers of the MoneyTap payment service has brought 13 more banks into the fold. The XRP Research Center officially...
Coinbase Chainlink

Corporate Interest Sees ChainLink (LINK) Listed At Coinbase Pro

ChainLink, the Ethereum based oracle middleware project, has now been listed at Coinbase.  Confirming the development, Coinbase Pro said:
Libra Matrix IDE

A Chinese Company, Makes The World’s First Cloud IDE For Facebook’s Libra

The Matrix’s ChainIDE team has created the world’s first integrated development environment (IDE) tool that can support Facebook’s Libra project.  This is...
ChainLink Oracle

After Google, Is Oracle Planning To Integrate ChainLink?

According to its June 13 report, the Google Cloud team is integrating Chainlink's oracle middleware with Google's BigQuery. BigQuery is Google's cloud data...
younow SEC

Compliant Token Earning For The App Users: SEC Has Received Filing From YouNow

The decentralized live streaming startup YouNow, has submitted an application to the SEC for a compliant token.  The Regulation A+ filing, which...
Tencnt Naspers Libra

Are Tencent’s Largest Shareholders going to help bring Facebook’s Libra to China?

Naspers, the largest shareholder in Tencent, is reportedly set to invest in Facebook’s Libra token, in a move that could pave the...
Grin Crypto Targeted By Sapphire Tech With New GPU Miner

Gary Yu, Grin Developer, Gives Interview About The Company

Gary Yu is a well-known crypto developer within the Grin circles. Building and vouching for an anonymous cryptocurrency aimed at privacy and...
okex vietnam summit

OkEx’s Summit In Vietnam Goes Well

The OKEx exchange recently held a successful summit in Vietnam. The “2019 Open and Win-Win Conference Global Tour – Vietnam Station” aimed...
Mithril Launches VAULT App

Mithril Launches its VAULT App

Mithril has officially launched the much-anticipated VAULT app which is set to change the game for digital wallets, in a major development...