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Asia blockchain development is huge. Despite banning the ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchain in China are getting more and more attenttion
Will china ban bitcoin?

South Korea Set To Offer Legitimacy To Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Related Industries

South Korea Set To Offer Legitimacy To Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Related Industries Media outlets reported that South Korea has begun taking steps to accord...
tron south korea gaming

TRON Entering the Gaming Market of South Korea

TRON is making inroads to the world’s 4th largest gaming market as the company’s head of business development, Roy Liu, signed Memorandums...
Canaan Creative

Canaan Creative- the Emerging Rival to Bitmain?

Bitmain, seen as leaders in the mining field by many now has some serious competition following Canaan Creative’s successful funding reachout which,...
Huobi HKEX

Is Huobi Backdoor Listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?

Huobi exchange has made significant moves in the Hong Kong stock exchange through its subsidiary Pantronics Holding Limited.  In...
xi blockchain

How China and the World Reacted to Xi Jinping’s Blockchain Comments

China’s President, Xi Jinping, sent waves through the industry with his speech on blockchain technology last week.  The leader...
exchange register

Japan leading the push for G20 to embrace a global crypto exchange register

In a bid to reduce the usage of cryptocurrencies in money laundering, Japan has a proposal to the representatives of the G20; to have a global crypto exchange register. This was reported by Nikkei Asian Review.
Will china ban bitcoin?

Bitmain Raises 400 Million in Pre-IPO

According to Chinese media outlets, ‘Bitmain’, a Chinese bitcoin mining company, has currently raised $400 million in their pre-IPO. The reported figures would place the company’s...

Tether is Becoming the Biggest Cryptocurrency in the Market

Bitcoin has always been the leading cryptocurrency in the market and is synonymous with the industry, but recent statistics have illustrated another...
bitmain IPO

Bitmain IPO planned for Hong Kong stock exchange. Is Bitmain really worth 35 billion...

The Bitmain IPO application is planned to be launched on the Hong Kong stock exchange this August and complete the listing by the end of...