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Asian digital currency step guides on blockchain technology. Smart contracts, peer to peer, open course? All these is the part of crypto trading

Will china ban bitcoin?

Can I Buy Bitcoin With Cash?

Buying Bitcoin with cash is a very quick and private process of getting Bitcoin. This article will show you the steps to take if...
lightning network bitcoin savior

The Lightning Network – The Answer to Bitcoin’s Efficiency Woes?

Just imagine the scene: you’re buying yourself a bubble tea, or are paying for a couple of hours of KTV, and you...

Facebook’s Libra Explained

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has managed to connect more people than any previous media could in recorded history.  This unprecedented...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Vechain Mainnet Launch Guide

Firstly, Vechain will launch the Vechain Mainnet (VET) on June 30th 2018. This event marks the official start of the Vechain Blockchain - it...
Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin is created by a process called mining. The process of mining of cryptocurrency involves authorizing every transaction over the Bitcoin network. And also...
Will china ban bitcoin?

What’s the difference between all these cryptos?

The major differences are the process of coin production and spending- how coins are being produced and how they are spent. Coins like Bitcoin,...
Will china ban bitcoin?

What Is Ethereum?

This cryptocurrency is a platform that is used to develop and use applications on a blockchain distribution. How Ethereum Works Ethereum, which is also called a...

What Can You Purchase With Bitcoin?

Once you have bitcoin in your possession, the next step is to use it to purchase things. There are several businesses who accept bitcoin...

Binance- The Story so far

Launched barely two years ago, Binance’s leap has been astounding. It is not only one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges but a...

Litecoin on the Rise in 2019: A Rival to Bitcoin?

Litecoin has almost reached the $100 USD valuation as it continues its rise up the coin market cap rankings with it placing...