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Asian digital currency step guides on blockchain technology. Smart contracts, peer to peer, open course? All these is the part of crypto trading

What Determines Bitcoin’s Value?

Bitcoins value comes from the fact that it is a means of purchasing and selling things. Unlike the traditional currency whose value is gotten...
Stack of Stellar cryptocurrency tokens. Vector illustration

Stellar (XLM) Guide: Uniting Financial Institutions in one Network

Stellar (XLM) is a payment-focused digital currency that runs on the Stellar network, a decentralized open blockchain. One...
Mimblewimble Explained

Privacy Platform for Grin and Beam, Mimblewimble, Explained

Mimblewimble seems to be the number one protocol following the successes of Grin and Beam as well as the partnership with...

How To Accept Bitcoin For Your Business?

There are several ways of accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for your business. The options include making use of a third party...

Machi X Guide

The purpose of Machi X to tokenize Intellectual Property (IP). The idea is to tokenize a particular song, for example, tokenizing "Bitch Lasagna"....

What Is The Bitcoin Paper Wallet?

You might be wondering what a Bitcoin paper wallet is since you most likely have heard about it if you’ve learned how to store...
XRP logo

Ripple (XRP) Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Ripple Protocol

How could a single digital currency like XRP arouse so much division within the crypto community? From heated debates to ad hominems,...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Why Bitcoin Is Not A Ponzi Scheme?

A number of people are wary of the get-rich-quick schemes as they are all scams. Due to this reason and others, most of them...

mStable DeFi Guide: Ultimate Stablecoin Solution

mStable is a newly launched DeFi protocol aimed at streamlining the application of stablecoins in a unified ecosystem it aims to create.

China’s Digital Yuan (DCEP)/(CBDC) Guide

China’s Digital Yuan is imminent with reports suggesting the token could be trialled in four cities in the nation next month. With...