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Asian digital currency step guides on blockchain technology. Smart contracts, peer to peer, open course? All these is the part of crypto trading


What is PieDAO? Decentralized Tokenized ETFs

PieDAO is a blockchain-based organization that helps in governing tokenized portfolios. Over time, how people interact with financial investments...
union finance

What is Union? A Guide to UNN Finance

Union is a decentralized network focusing on driving DeFi adoption by making it user-friendly via reducing cost, addressing risks, and easing access.
Will china ban bitcoin?

Why Bitcoin Is Not A Ponzi Scheme?

A number of people are wary of the get-rich-quick schemes as they are all scams. Due to this reason and others, most of them...
Flow Protocol

What Is Flow Finance? A Guide to the Flow Protocol

Flow Protocol powers FLOW, an Ethereum based self-distributing token that looks to evenly spread inflations to all its holders.
Vega Protocol

What is Vega Protocol? Creating Derivatives Markets on Blockchain

Vega Protocol is a technology designed to help facilitate a blockchain-powered public network for full end-to-end trading and execution of financial products.

Kusama $KSM: Polkadot’s Mainnet-like Canary Network

There are many decentralized finance (DeFi) projects being developed in the cryptocurrency space today. While most of these projects turn out to...

Cardano (ADA): What is Cardano 2020

What is Cardano? Cardano (ADA) Cardano is a proof-of-stake, scalable and secure third-generation blockchain smart...
Swivel Finance

What is Swivel Finance? DeFi Fixed-Rate Lending

Swivel Finance is a decentralized protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain that enables fixed-rate lending and interest-rate derivatives, which allows users to...

What is Sifchain Finance? First Omni-Chain DEX

Sifchain Finance describes itself as “the world’s first omni-chain decentralized exchange” and aims to work across multiple blockchains for an efficient and...
digital rmb

China Will Continue to Print More Paper Money Along with the Digital RMB

According to the director of China’s Digital Currency Research Institute, Mu Changchun, the digital RMB and paper money will exist alongside each...