This Spring Festival I have been opening many red packets filled with money and pigs are everywhere across my great country. I must have gained a few kilograms in weight from all the delicious food I have eaten and I have loved every great moment.

Ultimately, the new year celebration is a time for family and friends. As with any family gathering, my love life is a topic of conversation, with all family members asking when I am going to get married! My work is also brought up a lot too but to mixed reactions when I talk about blockchain and Bitcoin. I thought I would give a rundown on the different generations reactions to give an idea of how the crypto space is influencing ordinary folk.


First, let’s begin with the ones closest to me – my parents. As the only child, they are always interested in what is going on in my life, sometimes too much. But when I talk to them about blockchain their eyes start to glaze over. Concepts such as ETC, Stabilizing Coins, ICOs and OCTs are all too complicated for them. They have only just got to grips with Wechat Pay, so the thought of them understanding Bitcoin and exchanges may be too much to ask!

I hoped a chat with my cousin, who is a similar age to me would prove a more fruitful and engaging conversation. Although I was struck immediately by his pessimism and caution with regards to Bitcoin, He certainly knew all about it, but promptly replied, “Isn’t it diying now?” He was surprised to learn that it was a billion dollar industry but immediately replied with, “Bitcoin’s price does not match the actual value, and it is artificially high.” I could see I could not sway him over dinner and the conversation took a new turn.


I met up with some friends from my hometown and they asked me about my job and new life in Shenzhen. They knew a little bit more about my line of work and were quite positive. They said they knew it was a big and evolving market. It was a bit of a boost for me and it is nice to see that others share my passion for crypto although they don’t invest.

Crypto never sleeps and I was busy doing some work from home and my little nephew crept behind me and started badgering me about my job. To my pleasant surprise, he was really keen to learn and seemed to understand it a bit more than my parents even! When I was 9 years old, I was still playing fighting gyro, four-wheel drive racing, game king, not knowing much about the computer, Internet and other technologies. I really envy the children now.

So, perhaps my little nephew is inspiration for the future. Yes, blockchain and Bitcoin is a little complicated and off-putting for some, but this next generation will be more technologically advanced than any other before us. The present may need some work, but the future is in good hands!