japan cryptocurrency capital

Why Japan is Crypto Capital of the World

Japan, the home of mount Fuji, robots, sumo wrestling and now, cryptocurrency. With more and more investment into the crypto world, it...
Bitcoin True Valuation pic

Prepare for a Bull Run, Bitcoin’s MVRV Ratio Broke Above 1

The space is heating up and even after last week’s mini-dump, thanks mostly to all the drama around BitFinex, iFinex and USDT,...
southkorea cryptohackers

South Korea: 7 Crypto Exchanges Hacks in 3 Years

Over the past three years, South Korean law enforcement agencies have recorded 7 hacks of cryptocurrency exchanges, writes Bitcoin.com. This is stated in a...
hiwifi wang chuyun arrested

BlockChain WIFI, HiWiFi Founder Arrested in Shenzhen

Wang Chuyun, Hifiwi’s founder, and other businessmen in China have been put in prison following a series of arrests in the city...
A United Arab Emirates (UAE) crypto asset exchange called, Arabian Bourse (ABX), is set to be approved by the nation’s regulators.

A UAE crypto Platform is about to be Approved by Regulators

A United Arab Emirates (UAE) crypto asset exchange called, Arabian Bourse (ABX), is set to be approved by the nation’s regulators.
Carry Line

LINE messaging service is close to obtaining a license to launch a cryptographic exchange...

The Japanese courier service, LINE, is in the process of receiving a license from the Japanese financial regulator to launch a cryptographic...
Theco founderandCEOofBitMex,ArthurHayeshasrevealedthatwhiletraderscanuseuptoxleverageonXBTUSD,theaveragelongandshortsleverageinAprilwasxandx,respectively.

BitMex: Longs and Shorts Used an Average Effective Leverage of 22x and 30x

The co-founder and CEO of BitMex, Arthur Hayes has revealed that while traders can use up to 100x leverage on XBTUSD, the average long and shorts leverage in April was 22x and 30x, respectively.
blockchain jack ma

Jack Ma Talks Bitcoin and Blockchain – No Change in His Thinking

At the 20th Annual CAST (China Association of Science and Technology) event, Jack Ma once again discussed Bitcoin and blockchain. He said...

OKEx Tops EOS Block Producer Ranking, Enters Staking Business

OKEx, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is entering the staking market with its mining...

The good, the bad and the ugly: Six years of ICOs

In the past few years, initial coin offerings (ICOs) have dominated the crypto space with projects raising billions of dollars. Notably, the...