After the success in 2018 of Lit, Mithril’s first social mining app platform that allowed users to mine MITH with their content, the company has rebranded and retooled the platform to meet new challenges ahead – PiePie was born. The work continues and PiePie now contains new features to make the content creation experience easier and more enjoyable for users.

PiePie – New posting

Besides simplified and improved functionality, the new PiePie allows users to store creations in their own personal page, where they’ll stay for posterity (and to earn more MITH when interacted with or shared). This means that PiePie is now the choice for any creators who are looking to generate long-term benefit and value.

Other great new features include comments for photo posts, as well as a 3-second automatic countdown before your video recording starts – no more editing the first seconds of camera adjustment when you’re creating! What’s more, videos posts can now go up to a minute in length, and there’s a neat set of filters you can use, just slide through and select.

PiePie’s Countdown

But PiePie’s development is about more than just new app features for creators. It has a wider impact on the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. With its easy-to-use app-based platform, MITH is a resource that users of any technical level can access. Gone is the priesthood; the in-the-know club of tech-heads who had exclusive access to this previously mysterious world. PiePie opens up a world of amateur users who can now enjoy the benefits of social mining, staking in their MITH vaults and reaping the rewards of MachiX AtomicDrops and more as they level up and become real stakeholders in this new and exciting sector.

As crypto still struggles to find legitimacy and a safe path to mass adoption, platforms like PiePie will bring the masses to this brave new world, and as the community grows, so too does the need for increased adoption of crypto to meet this new demand. New features are easy enough to add and will continue to enhance the user experience, but what’s really exciting is the clear positive impact that this app will have on the thus-far rocky journey of the crypto ecosystem to greater global legitimacy.