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Arena of Mud Slings and Counter Accusations, Gavin Andersen Next?

The in-house fighting and name calling within the Bitcoin community continue and Gavin Andersen seems to be the target now. Despite being...
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Could This Be the End for Bitcoin SV? Coin Delisted on Binance And ShapeShift,...

Bitcoin SV is under fire, some may call it an apocalypse, promising to get worse by the day. In less than 24...
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Mike Novogratz: ‘Sell Litecoin (and) buy Bitcoin’

Litecoin has made massive gains in the past few months. Since the turn of the year, Litecoin has rallied more than 100%,...
Bitcoin Change for Industry

Fall of Bitcoin Sees Big Change for Industry

The Blockchain/Crypto industry has taken a real hit with this current bear market. From the high point of 2017, when Bitcoin was...
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Ethereum (ETH) May Overtake Bitcoin (BTC), Says Report

A report released this week has suggested that Ethereum (ETH) could overtake Bitcoin (BTC) if a bull run come to fruition.
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The Lightning Network – The Answer to Bitcoin’s Efficiency Woes?

Just imagine the scene: you’re buying yourself a bubble tea, or are paying for a couple of hours of KTV, and you...
Lightning Network Iran Bitcoin

Bitcoin on the Move: Lightning Network’s Torch Reaches Iran Amid Controversy

The Lightning Network has lit a flame within the crypto community and now its fire has reached Iran with their Lightning Torch...
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Bitcoin Whales Accumulate 150,000 BTC in 2 Months

Bitcoin, so often heralded as a way for the playing field to be levelled in society and alleviate the rampant inequality. Yet,...
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Bitcoin and Ethereum Make Big Rise In Market

Chinese Cryptocurrency stocks started to rise on Monday of this week, in an increasingly interesting development for the market.
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Man Pretends To Be Lord Voldemort and Demands Bitcoin (BTC)

Many thought that Lord Voldemort had died with the final Harry Potter film, but he has returned to Singapore and began to...