Maicoin Libra

Maicoin Tries to Join Libra Association

Maicoin, a Taiwanese crypto exchange, will seek to gain Facebook’s approval for membership of the Libra association, as reported by  Taipei Times...
XRP hype

XRP Has Strongest Hype Army, Leaves BTC And ETH in The Dust

XRP is showing significantly higher Hype-to-Activity ratios than other large cryptocurrencies in the market. The Hype-to-activity ratio is a measure of the...
India banks crypto debit cards

Indian Bank calls for Digital Currency to Replace Debit Cards

The State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest lender servicing a fifth of the Indian population, has indicated plans to replace debit...
Logo Tether

Tether to make a Chinese RMB Pegged Token called CNHT

Stablecoin, Tether is breaking into the Chinse market and is planning to create a token pegged to the offshore Chinese fiat currency Renminbi...

Satoshi Nakamoto claimant Promotes Shady Crypto Project

The anonymity of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, has caused many claimants, the latest is Zhong Bencong. However, what is more likely is...

Shenzhen Special Economic Zone to support digital currency

Shenzhen, a city that sits on the border of Hong Kong in China has been chosen by the Chinese central government to...

Samsung Follows Huawei, Adds Bitcoin Functionality to Keystore

South Korean tech powerhouse, Samsung, has released the company’s new blockchain KeystoreSDK for developers and it will support Bitcoin (BTC). 
Litecoin drop

Litecoin Price Analysis- Why The Drop?

Litecoin has seen a big drop in price, but what has caused this negative fall? It all started after Litecoin (LTC) underwent...
Chinese internet blockchain

Chinese Internet Companies, Huawei, Tencent Lead Blockchain and 5G Charge

Forecasts into 2019/2020 technology trends have revealed that blockchain technology and fifth-generation (5G) networks are edging closer to the center stage. Interestingly,...
Commentator Micheal J Casey has said that Trump’s China currency barb will create a “moment to shine” for Bitcoin in the International economic arena.

Trump V China Currency War may be a Crucial Moment for Bitcoin

Commentator Micheal J Casey has said that Trump’s China currency barb will create a “moment to shine” for Bitcoin in the International...