Creaticles was able to hit its original hard cap, raising 3.8 million USDT through its IDO launched on SushiSwap via a Minimal Initial SushiSwap Offering (MISO). The lucky investors were able to buy CRE8 tokens for a very low price of $0.095 each. 

CRE8 has a total of 1 billion token supply, of which 40 million have been allocated for the presale. Now that the tokens have been sold out, users who want to buy will need to buy them on the SushiSwap DEX. Creaticles already has listing plans for major centralized exchanges, with Gate being the first to be confirmed on its Coingecko page.

Creaticles Connects NFT Clients and Artists 

Creaticles is a decentralized platform built on the Binance Smart Chain designed to connect NFT creators and clients in order to fulfil each side’s necessities in one place. 

People who want to launch an NFT collection but don’t want to go through the technicalities of creating and launching one can go to Creaticles. All they have to do is describe the elements they want to see in their NFT collection and post it on the platform, and an army of eager verified artists would compete with each other by submitting their sample digital artworks. 

It works much like a contest, and whoever wins will have the opportunity to mint the client’s NFT collection; and of course, earn revenue from the task. The artistic and technical aspects of creating a collection will all be handled by the chosen artist, unloading a heavy task from the client. 

The innovative platform isn’t only created for clients but also for digital artists. In fact, artists can apply as verified creators for Creaticles to compete with their fellow creatives for clients’ approval. 

Aside from providing and rendering NFT services, platform users can also leverage the power of the CRE8 token, which allows them to set the future path of Creaticles and have discounts on transaction fees. Apart from these perks, users can also gain premium placements of proposals and requests and earn more rewards through staking. 

Recent Developments 

Creaticles not only has an amazing and valuable concept but has been on a roll for the past few months! Last August, the platform successfully launched a testnet, which resulted in interactions from over 10,000 users, 5,000 testnet contests, and minted NFTs reaching thousands. 

Apart from these milestones, Creaticles also gained strong support from CoinMarketcap, which is a clear indication that CRE8’s price could double after the platform’s IDO.