The NFC-NEKO collection will be available in Mystery Boxes and can be initially purchased on the Binance NFT Marketplace, the largest curated NFT marketplace in the world. The collection will also be subsequently launched on other secondary NFT marketplaces on January 7, 2022.

To add to its allure, the NFC-NEKO will represent five high-profile global-internet-sensation cats that already have a combined following of more than 10 million followers on top social media platform Instagram, including Grumpy Cat, Smudge Lord, Coffee (aka Mr. White), Coby the Cat, as well as Izzy and Zoë. Each cat will be artistically represented as an NFC-NEKO, adorned with a fancy robot-esque suit, under the creative genius of leading Paris digital artist Maxime Girault.

The NFT Mystery Boxes available for sale in the NFC-NEKO collection will work just like physical mystery boxes, which means the collectors will be unaware of the specific cat and the mecha suit design behind the mystery box until they purchase the Mystery Box and open it. 

After the initial NFT launch of NFC-NEKO on Binance NFT Marketplace, Taiko NFT will bring one of the 15 NFC-NEKOs to life! In partnership with Highstreet Metaverse, Taiko NFT will launch a limited edition tokenized cat rug on the metaverse marketplace.

NFC-NEKO is building better lives for animals

Taiko NFT plans to make the NFC-NEKO project a significant contributor to global animal welfare.

This project is more than just building a community of NFT fans and feline lovers. Taiko is committed to making sure that the NFT community is contributing to the living conditions of animals in the real world.

5% of the initial proceeds and 50% of all secondary royalties to animal welfare charities nominated by each of the owners of the five famous cats. 

The bigger picture remains to create a safer world for cats, and other animals, by increasing awareness about animal welfare and protecting them.

What’re the perks of Collecting an NFC-NEKO?

Taiko NFT is on track to garner massive participation because of its plan to reward NFC-NEKO collectors with an aggregate of $15,000+ worth of prizes and physical products. 

The rewards will be distributed over four weeks as an extra reward element for collectors who have purchased a NFC-NEKO.

Week One

In the first week of Taiko NFT’s reward, 10 lucky collectors will split 5,000 BUSD equally with another 10 receiving a free mystery box airdrop. The plan is to reward twenty holders who have purchased and opened more than two Mystery Boxes, regardless of the rarity of the NFC-NEKO.

To be eligible to get a reward, collectors have to take small, simple steps, including making a post on Twitter about their favorite rare NFC-NEKO.

Week Two 

The rewards for the second week are even more enticing. Seven lucky collectors, randomly selected will be rewarded with 1,000 BUSD each. Only collectors who own a complete set will be eligible to benefit from the prizes available in the second week.

A complete set means 3N, 2R, and 1SR or 1SSR NFC-NEKO.

Week Three

The third week’s giveaway will be limited to the first twenty NEKO holders who show that they own FIVE Rare NFC-NEKO(s). Winners will receive ONE free random Mystery Box that’ll be airdropped to their respective wallets. 

Week Four

Lucky collectors who own FIVE R (Rare) NFC-NEKOs and any TWO SR or SSR NEKOs will have a shot at receiving the highly sought-after NFC Rug Capsule which includes both the limited edition physical rug as well as a NFT that will offer exclusive access to perks and content in the Highstreet Metaverse. 

The NFC Rug is inspired by Coffee, aka Mr. White, IG cat sensation, philanthropist and cancer survivor. This exclusive NFC rug is meant to bring the love and good vibes that only Coffee can bring to both the physical and digital worlds. 

So how does one not miss out and get rugged on this exclusive rug?

These 130 NFC rugs will come only from the 130 $RUG tokens sold on the Highstreet Market where you will be able to freely buy and trade the $RUG token 24/7. You will not have to find a dealer or buyer, Highstreet will always be ready to buy and sell to you at the best market price. 

Token holders that redeem their tokens will essentially “unpack” the NFC Rug Capsule – revealing exclusive collectibles. This includes, but not limited to: the physical NFC rug and access to a Cat Cafe in the Highstreet metaverse that will be unlike anything attempted in the history of cat cafes, defying time, space and fur. 

There will only ever be 130 of these tokens available and as each token gets redeemed, it is permanently removed from the total supply making the remaining unredeemed tokens even rarer than before. These $RUG tokens will be priced in Highstreet’s very own mecosystem coin $HIGH so make sure you have purchased $HIGH coins from Binance or other decentral exchanges such as PancakeSwap. Be ready to hit the buy button on drop day on Highstreet market!

How to buy/collect an NFC-NEKO Mystery Box

Taiko NFT plans to release the first batch of the NFC-NEKO collection on the Binance NFT Marketplace. Each NFC Mystery Box will be sold initially at $28 BUSD per box. The interplay of demand and supply will determine subsequent prices of the mystery boxes in the secondary marketplaces.

Potential buyers looking to become collectors will first need to purchase Binance USD (BUSD). BUSD is a USD-backed stablecoin approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services. In more simple terms, 1 BUSD is equal to 1 USD.

BUSD can be purchased through wire transfers. You can also convert other cryptocurrencies like ETH, USDT into BUSD to top up your Binance Cash Wallet. For more information on how to purchase BUSD, please visit Mystery Box will contain 1 NFC-NEKO. Each wallet can purchase a maximum of  100 Mystery Boxes.

About Highstreet

Highstreet is a commerce-centric metaverse that allows players to explore a vast MMORPG world where in-game items are real products by real brands. Highstreet’s Merchant portal enables the Shopify for gaming experience for brands where an easy-to-use UI built upon the Metaplex protocol allows companies to easily set up shop both on web3 as well as in Highstreet World.

About Taiko NFT

Taiko NFT is the go-to for creatives looking to develop and expand communities through NFTs. 

Taiko NFT’s mission plays a remarkable role in realizing this dream by connecting the digital and physical world through NFT communities. So, everyone can have the best of both worlds.

To learn more about Taiko NFT and its exceptional bespoke solutions, please visit the Taiko NFT website. You can also get the latest news and comprehensive insight about the NFC-NEKO collection by browsing through the project’s dedicated website (NFC NEKO (

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