CropBytes – one of the most successful blockchain games in the nascent sector – will be the first co-launched project from strategic partners MEXC Global and Bybit, when it launches this week.

CropBytes has over 200K downloads across Apple and Google app stores, already featuring in an impressive list of publications. The game allows players to create and build their own farm, and is similar to hugely successful farm sim Stardew Valley – on blockchain.

Players can earn the in-game currency, the CBX token, to help grow and expand their farm, and earn rewards in crypto as they do so. The thriving community also allows the trading of rare assets and proposed NFTs between players.

Farming for pleasure

Gamers love the farming and strategic business challenges involved in playing and growing their virtual farm. In this virtual world, gamers own farms, grow crops, raise animals and produce goods to sell and trade with.

The launch on MEXC Global and Bybit represents the first project to launch since the exchanges announced their long-term strategic partnership, and will mean the 10 million users across the two exchanges will be able to buy and sell the token.

“It’s a super exciting time for CropBytes and the 3-year old game community. With the listing of CBX token in the joint IEO, we take our first steps towards decentralisation and making second life gaming a source of income for gamers in the metaverse, “ said Sandeep Kumar, Founder at CropBytes.

The CBX utility token is an integral part of the CropBytes ecosystem.

The highlights of the project include:

  • The fundamental innovation in the game is the Balanced Economy, which sets it apart from all the crypto games in the market today
  • There is a healthy mix of fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) while most other games today are focused on NFTs only. This solves multiple issues around liquidity, ultimately contributing to the game’s growth and development.

CropBytes is one of the few established blockchain games that is available on Playstore, Appstore and online. CropBytes was founded in 2018 with a vision to drive the creation of real value for gamers around the world in the form of virtual currencies.

Strong reputation

MEXC Global has built a strong reputation as an exchange for new and innovative projects, and has previously partnered with Solana, Avalanche, Algorand and many other large cryptocurrency projects to help them to establish better decentralized ecosystems and to grow and develop.

Bybit is a well-known digital asset trading platform that has a strong global reputation in successfully operating derivatives trading services while fully abiding with regulations globally.

With two world-class cryptocurrency exchanges partnering, and with the recent price increases in Bitcoin as bull market conditions return, MEXC Global and Bybit will help to invest in more and more quality decentralized projects, in order to boost their services and benefit their combined user base of more than 10 million people.

As their first co-IEO decentralized project, CropBytes, which has been growing its crypto gamer community since 2018. It is one of the first crypto games with a sustainable game economy. 

About MEXC Global

Established in April 2018, MEXC Global is a digital asset trading platform which offers users one-stop services including spot, margin, leveraged ETF, derivatives trading, and staking services. 

The core members of the team come from international enterprises and financial companies and have experience in blockchain and financial industries.

About Bybit

Established in March 2018, Bybit is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges, with more than three million registered users. Built on customer-centric values, it endeavors to provide a professional, smart, intuitive and innovative online trading and cloud mining experience for retail and institutional clients around the world.