It has been a rough couple of weeks for crypto. Bitcoin has fallen over 40% from 6.4k and the hope is that the 3.8k support line can withstand further drops. There was a great debate over the BCH fork and whether one should support ABC or SV. A lot of mining FUD was also in effect as people spread rumours about mining farms in China shutting down completely.

We’ve come a long way from the euphoria of the beginning of this year. Even up till the first half of 2018, Mithril was was still doing strong with almost +1000% gains. That was enough for Mithril to rank as the #3 best performer on the year.

mithril logo

So as 2018 comes to a close, what can MITH holders look forward to?

AtomicDrops are Here!

I’m sure that you’ve come across the phrase “no free lunch”. But when the phrase was first coined, they probably hadn’t come across Mithril yet. Mithril has introduced their version of air drops, that they dub AtomicDrops, for anyone and everyone that owns MITH.

The benefits of holding and staking MITH just got even better. Before, people could stake their MITH tokens in their VAULT and earn extra rewards. This all tied in with their social app, PiePie (rebranded from Lit). The more one staked, the faster they would level up. This would allow them more quickly and easily acquire additional MITH through social mining.

Mithril Vault

Now, Mithril has added an extra layer to staking MITH with their AtomicDrops. For the next 8 months, you can earn 10% of Machi X tokens (MCX) equivalent to the MITH stored or staked in your VAULT. This is basically their gift to you for supporting them and their MITH token.

Benefits of MCX


So what can one do with MCX? Well, the tokens are going to be part of the Machi X ecosystem. They are developing a social crypto exchange to bring the power back to the content creators. Instread of the artists getting squeezed out of royalties, they now have the option of putting their IP on the blockchain and invite others to own a part of it.

With this innovative idea, fans can support their favourite artists and also a part of their works. It’s a win-win for both creators and users alike.