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Will china ban bitcoin?

China Owning 51% Of The Hashing Power: A Blessing Or A Bomb Waiting To...

Ever wondered how Bitcoin is generated? Do they just float in the air and the people that are lucky enough can just snatch them...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Power Theft Leads To Arrest Of Secret Crypto Miner In China

A man in China has been arrested by the government. He was arrested for supposedly embezzling a large amount of power in order to...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Chinese Police Confiscated 600 Mining Rigs

Police officers in the north China City of Tianjin were left with no option than to confiscate 600 mining rigs
Will china ban bitcoin?

How to Sell Bitcoin?

If you purchased Bitcoin at one time or the other, the next logical step is to store it, use it for a transaction or...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Bitmain Raises 400 Million in Pre-IPO

According to Chinese media outlets, ‘Bitmain’, a Chinese bitcoin mining company, has currently raised $400 million in their pre-IPO. The reported figures would place the company’s...