BitTorrent made headlines this week as many heralded the great start under the Tron banner. The price rose and made a fantastic start to life, but for Simon Morris, who worked for ten years at BitTorrent as Chief Strategy Officer, this is merely hot air and ultimately BitTorrent Inc. in a decentralized ecosystem has fallen.

Writing in a piece for Chain News, the former employee said that once the company had fallen into Tron’s hands the true era of BitTorrent was over. No longer is TRON truly decentralized and now the previous employees have left and replaced with TRON staff who have, “the same mission as TRON”.

Yet, Morris believes that although these changes have happened and a new path has been taken, perhaps at the detriment of the crypto space, ultimately though, “BitTorrent is no longer important, and it has become less important a few years ago.” This down to the media industry evolving to counter BitTorrent.

However, despite this dark prediction, BitTorrent is undoubtedly popular:

“It consumes 10% of all Internet traffic, sometimes even more than 50%. Perhaps the biggest achievement of BitTorrent is the feasibility of the concept of a completely uncensored global decentralized network that Nakamoto conceived when conceiving Bitcoin.”

Morris does highlight his favorite thing about BitTorrent and its decentralized feature:

“It is meaningless to argue about decentralization, how decentralized each project is, and why not consider the role of decentralization first… Decentralization means establishing an uncensored system that makes it possible to break the rules without restraint. This is why the blockchain is so disruptive – the blockchain represented by Bitcoin and Ethereum is the essence of disruptive technology. No matter what happens, once the entire network is started, it cannot be stopped.”

If Morris is having sour grapes about the path of his former company or not, it is clear that he has a firm commitment to decentralized model and has interesting opinions on the issue. Who knows the future of BitTorrent, but what is clear is that the decentralization model is here to stay and won’t be broken any time soon.