Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper filled with various functionalities that allows platform users to learn and earn in multiple ways. 

Virtual reality has always remained a big dream for many for so long, but in today’s world, it wouldn’t possibly survive if the only benefit it can provide is nothing but a visual feast. Monetary gains, immersive gameplay, a secure platform, and a strong community are the critical assets it must have to win hearts, minds, and above all, loyalty from platform users. 


Ross Tavakoli, CEO, and co-founder of Bloktopia, wanted to have a platform where crypto natives can be transported in an alternative universe to experience virtual reality in a whole new light. 

With this big dream, he built a team with a strong background in marketing, commercial immersive development, film industry, and above all, stereoscopic 3D console gaming, which enabled him to push his dream into a reality, or rather, into … virtual reality. 

What is Bloktopia? 

Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper filled with various functionalities that allows platform users to learn and earn in multiple ways. 

In this Polygon-powered VR metaverse, participants will be transported in an immersive virtual world, allowing them to buy, sell, and lease virtual estate and tap more income streams such as playing games, token staking, and ad revenues. 

Apart from these things, they can also visit virtual events, galleries, stores and have direct access to educational and learning tools from the top figures of the crypto world. 

The skyscraper has 21 levels, honoring the 21 million supply cap of Bitcoin, and each level has special facilities and functionalities designed to upgrade each user’s experience. 

How To Create a Bloktopia Wallet?

To enter Bloktopia, a user must create a Bloktopia Wallet which can be simply created through his email or social media account and this wallet will serve as an entry pass and storage for BLOK Tokens, which will be discussed later. 

The Bloktopia Wallet can also function as a “multichain” wallet, which means that it can support various blockchains other than Polygon, which includes Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Binance Smart Chain, and on top of that, it also allows users to store and view their ERC 1155 digital assets. 

How To Create an Avatar?

After creating an account in Bloktopia and having a crypto wallet, a user will have to create his customized avatar, which he can form from a wide range of combinations provided by the platform. 

After creating and naming the avatar, this virtual character can further improve through marketplace purchases made by the player. 

Key Places in Bloktopia 

Spawning Stage 

After users have created their avatar, their virtual creature will then spawn outside the Bloktopia building, and all users will be able to enter the skyscraper through the structure’s concourse. 

Level One 

Participants, who are now called “Bloktopians,” will start at the skyscraper’s first level, Level One, which has the biggest footfall in the entire structure. 

Level One is a critical part of the Bloktopia skyscraper as it facilitates cryptocurrency pricing information, a navigation area, a help desk, and premium retail space. 

Gaming and Penthouse 

Gaming activities can be found at Bloktopia skyscraper’s Floor 21, and players are invited to its luxury penthouse to compete for BLOK, the metaverse’s utility and governance token. The game ranges from child-friendly games and multiplayer competitions to R18 rated games like gambling. 

The Auditorium 

Bloktopia’s virtual Auditorium facilitates big events, talks, and presentations regarding the crypto world, which would keep Bloktopians up to date with crypto trends. 

Bloktopians who will attend the events held inside the Auditorium will be rewarded with BLOK, enabling participants to gain critical knowledge about crypto and be rewarded for it. 

BLOK Token 

BLOK Token, which was already mentioned a couple of times a while ago, is the utility and governance token of the Bloktopia metaverse. These tokens were first launched through a series of Private and Public rounds last October 2021, and those who missed these launches can purchase BLOK on KuCoin,, OKEx, and QuickSwap. 

These tokens also serve as revenue for platform users, and they can be earned from the sponsorship and advertising opportunities integrated inside Bloktopia. 

BLOK Tokens can also be earned through community participation, which encourages users to allot their effort and time for the further progress of the platform, which would also be beneficial for them through rewards. 

Aside from earning tokens on sponsorship, advertising, and community participation, users can also stake their BLOK tokens, which will enable them to earn sizable APYs, giving them a fresh stream of income within the platform. 


ReBLOK is the act of purchasing real estate in the Bloktopia metaverse, and platform users can purchase these assets through the Marketplace. 

The virtual real-estate assets, which can be purchased through a non-fungible token (NFT) mechanism, will let investors have two types of ownership: 

  1. Sole Ownership – It indicates that a piece of BLOK real estate is owned through a single NFT. 
  2. Joint Ownership – It means that a piece of BLOK real estate is owned through multiple NFTs. 

More Ways To Unlock ReBLOK 

Having sole ownership of a BLOK gives the owner the privilege to develop and customize his REBLOK with the platform’s software development kit. 

Another great thing about REBLOKs is that whether they are developed or underdeveloped, both of them can be sold in the Bloktopia Marketplace, giving sellers flexibility and providing buyers with wider options. 

REBLOKs can also be a good source of passive income as owners can lease them at events or on long-term tenants. 

And since Bloktopia runs on a governance model, ReBLOK NFT holders will have the privilege to be part of the platform’s Governance council. 

The platform anticipates that crypto projects and companies will soon see the significant value of its platform and will soon buy and lease ReBLOKs. 

Ad Placements 

Placing an ad on the Bloktopia metaverse isn’t much different from posting an advertisement in the real world. In Bloktopia, ads can be placed on virtual billboards and screens and even “beam” them on the radio for everyone to hear.  

Here are the top advertising mediums inside Bloktopia: 

External Building 

The external part of the Blokctopia skyscraper will have reserved spaces for giant billboards, giving advertisers a premium space where their ads can be easily seen. 

Bloktopia Radio 

The metaverse has a Bloktopia Radio Station, where, just like a real-life station, beams important messages for citizens 24/7. 

Bloktopians can always switch the radio on or off whenever they please, but since this radio station consistently beams critical crypto information, it would be best for platform users to always listen to it. 

And with the audience that can be generated by the platform’s radio, it is a prime medium for advertisers to place their ads as they can reach a big chunk of Bloktopians with ease. 


AdBLOKs are virtual boards where advertisers can place their ads and where holders can earn revenue. Bloktopia has 21 large totems and 84 small totems, and the platform allows users to purchase up to half of this space to help them earn revenue from ad placements. 

From the ad revenues generated by this half part, 50% of it will be distributed to NFT holders, giving them an additional income stream. 

AdBLOKs, which must be purchased using BLOK tokens, are not uniformly priced as their cost depends on their totem position in the Bloktopia skyscraper. 


Bloktopia is definitely a virtual eye candy, but the most attractive thing about this platform is the multiple revenue streams it offers for players. 

With a lot of ways to earn inside this metaverse, there’s no doubt that more players will soon start to take notice of the massive potential that this virtual world provides.